Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies Ezell Fellowship Fund


The Academy's Section on Cornea & Contact Lenses established an endowed fund for the purpose of sponsoring an AOF Ezell Fellow. In funding an Ezell Fellow, the Section is encouraging post-graduate students to pursue academic careers in optometry and vision science, particularly in the area of contact lenses.

This endowment represents the first time that a Diplomate Section made a significant showing of support for AOF's mission and programs. In 2007, the Section reached its endowment goal, thus allowing the Foundation to continue the award for future generations.

Contribution Form

Although the original goal has been met, further contributions are welcome. Please use the pledge form (PDF format) to make a contribution to the Cornea and Contact Lenses Ezell Fellowship Fund.

Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies Ezell Fellows:

2016:  Cameron K. Postkinoff
2015:  William Ngo
2013 & 2014:  Tan Ngoc Truong
2012:  Alex Hui
2011:  Andrew Pucker     
2010:  Nicole Carnt
2008:  Eric Ritchey
2007:  Jessica Mathew
2005:  David A. Berntsen
2004:  Loretta Szczotka-Flynn  
2003:  Melissa Bailey

William Ngo (center, blue tie) is joined by AAO CCLRT Section members and AOF President, David Kirschen (left)