Korb - Exford Dry Eye Career Development Grant

Dry eye is one of the most common of all eye conditions. Millions of people are estimated to have dry eye. In people with dry eye, the eye produces fewer or low quality tears and is unable to keep its surface lubricated and comfortable. Although more often reported by the elderly, dry eye can occur at any age. Many things can cause the condition, including the environment, medications, reduced blinking, and some immunosuppressive diseases. Whereas there are various approaches to relieve the symptoms, i.e., lubricating or tear production drops or insertion of plugs, funding is needed for more research into the etiology and treatment of dry eye.


At the beginning of Academy 2010 San Francisco, the Foundation received a generous $25,000 donation from Drs. Donald Korb & Joan Exford to establish a research and leadership fund in the area of dry eye. The AOF Celebration Luncheon in San Francisco, provided a perfect backdrop for Don Korb to announce this lead gift to the 250 attendees. He praised former Ezell Fellow Dr. Kelly Nichols' leadership as the chair of the International Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Work Group for the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society and said her work made him proud to be an optometrist.

(Photo of Drs. Joan Exford and Donald Korb, President's Circle Diamond members and primary donors of the fund.)

More than $140,000 has already been pledged or donated. The fund will support the Donald Korb and Joan Exford Dry Eye Award.

You can be a part of this elite team working toward funding the Dry Eye Award. Call the AOF office today and speak with AOF Director, Development, Maureen Dimont, at 321-319-4871 or email MaureenD@aaoptom.org.

Contribution Form

Pledges and contributions are strongly encouraged. Please use the pledge form (PDF format) to make a contribution to the Dry Eye Fellowship Fund.