Giving from the Heart

The passing of a loved one, friend or long-time patient is a sad time. In addition to expressing sorrow, many find solace in finding a way to remember the lost loved one. A contribution to a meaningful cause is an appropriate way to memorialize an individual. Consider making a memorial donation to the American Academy of Optometry Foundation (AAOF). Each gift provides critical funding for optometric research and education. Family and friends can find comfort in knowing that they are supporting the future of optometry.

AAOF's Memorial Giving Program

We know it takes a great deal of consideration when selecting a charitable cause to receive memorial gifts. For this reason, memorial donations serve as reminders on the importance of our mission.

Please give a memorial donation. We will send an acknowledgement of your generosity to the appropriate individuals.

There are several ways to donate:

Call the AAOF Office 321-319-4870 and donate by credit card.
Mail a check and the contribution form below to the AAOF at 2909 Fairgreen Street, Orlando, FL 32803.
Make an online donation through our website, click on this link: CONTRIBUTE and access our secure donation payment center.

Other ways you can help:

AAOF Contribution Form.pdf (PDF format) 

The American Academy of Optomerty Foundation also makes available memorial donation cards for this purpose. For a $100.00 tax-deductible donation, the Foundation provides the donor with 10 matching envelopes and 10 pre-addressed postcards. When the time comes to make a memorial gift, simply mail the memorial card to the honoree's family. A pre-addressed postcard is sent to the AAOF, who will record the donation.

For more information, contact the Foundation Office at (321)-319-4870 or