The Optometric Glaucoma Society Ezell Fund

In 2006 the Optometric Glaucoma Society established an Ezell Fellowship dedicated to fund post-graduate research in the area of glaucoma. The Optometric Glaucoma Society Ezell Fellowship supports post-graduate students who are entering or continuing a full-time program of study and training in research that leads to the Masters or Ph.D. degree. Each student also receives travel grants to the annual meetings of the American Academy of Optometry and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. 

The Optometric Glaucoma Society Ezell Fellowship provides funding for the first time to optometric researchers pursuing glaucoma research. While individuals who were involved in glaucoma research have been awarded Ezell fellowships, there was never a program specifically funding this form of study. Over $200,000 was raised over a three-year period in an industry-optometry partnership to endow the fellowship and the first Fellowship was awarded in 2008. 

Optometric Glaucoma Society 

Ezell Fellows:

2016:  Jack Phu
2015:  Lakshmi Priya Rajagopalan
2012 & 2013:  Kevin Ivers
2010 & 2011:  Nimesh Patel
2008:  Joe Wheat

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