For Immediate Release: 2017 AAO and AAOF Student Travel Fellowship and Resident Travel Fellowship Recipients Announced



September 19, 2017

Contact: Jenny Brown


2017 American Academy of Optometry and American Academy of Optometry Foundation 
Student Travel Fellowship and Resident Travel Fellowship Recipients Announced


The American Academy of Optometry is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2017 Student Travel Fellowship Awards and Resident Travel Fellowship Awards. These travel fellowships will allow students and residents to attend Academy 2017 Chicago, October 11-14, 2017. The 2017 recipients follow:


Student Travel Fellowships

Presented at the Student Welcome Reception on Wednesday, October 11 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM in S406, McCormick Place South.


American Optometric Student Association Student Travel Fellowships

Carolyn Chakuroff, The Ohio State University

Jennifer Nguyen, State University of New York


Presented at the Student and Resident Awards Lunch on Thursday, October 12 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM in S406, McCormick Place South.


Frank W. Weymouth Student Travel Fellowship

Hannah Jean Burfield, University of Houston

Diane N. Sayah, OD, University of Montreal


Irvin M. Borish Student Travel Fellowship

Lacey Haines, OD, FIACLE, University of Waterloo

Laura Pardon, OD, MS, FAAO, University of Houston


Brazelton Low Vision Student Travel Fellowship

Natalie Nicole Stepien-Bernabe, University of California, Berkeley


Edward I. Goodlaw Student Travel Fellowship

Micaela Gobeille, New England College of Optometry


Robert D. Newcomb Student Travel Fellowship Award for Leadership

Lorenzo Anderson, University of Houston


Michael G. Harris Student Travel Fellowship Award for Leadership

Andy Mackner, Pacific University


American Academy of Optometry Student Travel Fellowships

Bright Senyo Ashimatey, OD, Indiana University

Jacqueline Balderas, University of the Incarnate Word

Joanna Cotter, Nova Southeastern University

Tina Gao, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Mariko Hirano, OD, University of Waterloo


Funded by an educational grant from Johnson and Johnson Vision


Ayah Ahamed, State University of New York

Sabeen Ali, University of the Incarnate Word

Edmund Arthur, OD, Indiana University

Marielle Blumenthaler, The Ohio State University

Hin Cheung, OD, Indiana University

Kristi Choy, University of California, Berkeley

Colleen Doyle, The Ohio State University

Asiya Jabeen, University of Waterloo

Ashutosh Jnawali, University of Houston,

Deepayan Kar, Pacific University

Elise Luthun, University of Montreal

Pooja Mahadev, State University of New York

Abhishek Mandal, Glasgow Caledonian University

Sarah Alyce Miller, New England College of Optometry

Stephen Ocansey, Anglia Ruskin University

Cameron K. Postnikoff, University of Alabama Birmingham

Daisy Yao Shu, BOptom(Hons)/BSci, University of New South Wales

Elaine Marie Steffensen, University of Houston

Ryan-Quang Van, Nova Southeastern University

Rachel Christine Williams, University of Houston

Stephanie Wong, University of Waterloo


Arizona Chapter Student Travel Fellowship
Devany Dougherty, Midwestern University, Arizona

Florida Chapter Student Travel Fellowships

Jessica Doyle, Nova Southeastern University

Brian Roberts, Nova Southeastern University

Amy Vinogradov, Nova Southeastern University


Funded by an educational grant from Essilor


Priscilla Wai Yin Chang, Illinois College of Optometry

Rebecca Chung, Pacific University

Melinda De Jesus, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Brittany Doss, Midwestern University Arizona

Elizabeth Fahy, Southern College of Optometry

Keyla Gammarano, Nova Southeastern University

Rahul Joshi, University of Waterloo

Il Jin Kim, Salus University

Leslie Kinder, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Eun-Young Esther Ko, MCPHS

Sawyer Lambert, University of Houston

Guillaume Landry-Proulx, University of Montreal

Brendon Manns, Ferris State University

Samuel Moon, University of the Incarnate Word

Kevin Rodda, The Ohio State University

Krystal Rogge, Northeastern State University

Johann Schlager, Western University

Brittany Stern, Inter American University of Puerto Rico

Ramandeep Toor, New England College of Optometry

Natalie West, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Isabel Wilson, Indiana University

Nolan Wilson, State University of New York

Michelle Zaw, University of California, Berkeley


Allergan Resident Travel Fellowships


Alaina Bandstra, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Ashley Berens, OD, Ferris State University

Anne Bertolet, OD, MS, New England College of Optometry

Mary Botelho, OD, State University of New York

Taylor Bowman, OD, Indiana University

Victoria Chan, OD, Salus University

Taylor Chesnut, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Jordan Davidner, OD, New England College of Optometry

Emily DePew, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Margaret Dixon, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Samantha Gagnon, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Courtney Goode, OD, University of California, Berkeley

Rachel Hasler, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Kirby Johnston, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Nicholas Karbach, OD, Salus University

Samantha Kayser, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Justin Knuckles, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Meagan LeGrand, OD, University of Houston

Alyssa Louie, OD, University of California, Berkeley

Pamela Martin, OD, Northeastern State University

Taylor McGann, OD, The Ohio State University

Michael Merritt, OD, New England College of Optometry

Christian Meyer, OD, Indiana University

Hunter Morgan, OD, State University of New York

Ryan Ngo, OD, State University of New York

Nathania Nhouyvanisvong, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Leah Nolander, OD, University of Houston

Haina Patel, OD, The Ohio State University

Adam Peiffer, OD, The Ohio State University

Jane Pouvaranukoah, OD, University of California, Berkeley

Clinton Prestwich, OD, Southern California College of Optometry

Kirsti Ramirez, OD, University of the Incarnate Word

Rachel Roman, OD, New England College of Optometry

Amy Schaag, OD, University of Missouri - St. Louis

Alexandra Scovill, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Roxanne Senechal, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Laura Thompson, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Desiree Vanderstar, OD, Southern College of Optometry

Meagan Williams, OD, Southern College of Optometry

Jenna Williams, OD, Ferris State University


Presented at the American Academy of Optometry Foundation Celebration Luncheon on Saturday, October 14 from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM in E450A, Lakeside Center. 

Beta Sigma Kappa Student Travel Fellowship

Cameron Sefton, New England College of Optometry


Elmer H. Eger Memorial Student Travel Fellowship
Bryan Williams, University of Houston


N. Rex Ghormley Student Travel Fellowship

Elizabeth Galko, The Ohio State University


Johnson and Johnson Vision Student Travel Fellowships

Kamil Hill, Southern College of Optometry

Hannah Mikes, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Tatsiana Palavets, State University of New York

Danica Yang, State University of New York


Kirschen Family Student Travel Fellowship

Kirsten Carter, University of Waterloo


AAOF Student Giving Matching Travel Grants


Indiana University

Lindsey Colliver

Nicole Schmiedt


Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Stephanie Gee

Maria Nguyen


Northeastern State University

Kevin Stieb

Brittany Wolthuizen


The Ohio State University

Rachel Fenton

Elizabeth Lemos


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jessica Arighi Boyd

Conner Robbins

Emma Wilhite Scott

Jinen (Jay) Shah


University of Pikeville

Nicole Flowers

Jacob Webster


Western University of Health Sciences

Bryan Kimura

Bashir Tarraf


State University of New York

Nicole Poon
Christine Weng


Cornea, Contact Lenses and Refractive Technologies Resident Travel Fellowships

Funded by Cooper Vision

Presented at the CooperVision Exhibit Hall Booth on Thursday, October 12 at 10:30 AM.


Jamie Blavat, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Laurence Boily, OD, University of Montreal

Ariel Cerenzie, OD, University of Missouri-St. Louis

W. Reid Cluff, OD, University of Alabama, Birmingham

Avani Dave, OD, New England College of Optometry

Elizabeth Escobedo, OD, Northeastern State University

Alyssa Perlman-Hensen, OD, New England College of Optometry

Jessica Lam, OD, Southern College of Optometry

Annie Lee, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Jessica Lin, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Katie McClure, OD, The Ohio State University

Patrick McManamon, OD, Salus University

Michael Mendsen, OD, State University of New York

Karen Molina, OD, University of California, Berkeley

Azinda Morrow, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Anisha Patel, OD, Nova Southeastern University

Pratik Patel, OD, The Ohio State University

Stephen Ridder, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Austin Schipper, OD, Michigan College of Optometry

Amanda Thurmes, OD, Illinois College of Optometry

Erin Tomiyama, OD, University of Houston

Jessica Tu, OD, Indiana University

Steven Turpin, OD, Pacific University

Andrew Vo, OD, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Kelly Voltz, OD, State University of New York

Carol Yu, OD, Nova Southeastern University


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