Korb-Exford Dry Eye Career Development Grant

Eligibility and Grant Criteria

The Korb-Exford Dry Eye Career Development Grant is designed to support an individual to further their knowledge in the broad area of dry eye. The individual must possess an OD or relevant graduate degree and must be a member of the American Academy of Optometry, as a student, candidate, or Fellow at the time of applying for the award. The successful individual must have a demonstrable interest in either a clinical or basic science area of dry eye and may be a clinician, educator, researcher, or student.

The plan for the use of the $25,000 stipend must be submitted within the application. The maximum time to initiate the use of the stipend is one year from the announcement of the Award.

Note: This grant is not designed to merely extend a period of study or employment. Funds from this award may not be used to purchase major equipment for an institution for dry eye research.


The submission window opens May 1, 2017 and closes July 1, 2017.

Applications must begin with a cover letter consisting of full contact information including how the applicant's degree should appear in reports and/or news items.

The application has two key components:

  1. The applicant must submit a two-page description of how the “Dry Eye Grant” will be used, the exceptional opportunity that it will provide, and the impact it will have on the applicant's career. The maximum time to initiate the use of the stipend is one year from the announcement of the grant.

  2. Curriculum vitae of no more than three pages should accompany the application.

Applications should be emailed to AAOF@aaoptom.org and include the words "LAST NAME, DRY EYE” in the subject line of the email. (Ex. Rubin, Dry Eye) Attachments should be saved as pdfs with the title “LAST NAME, DRY EYE 2017.”

If you have any questions regarding the award please contact Jennifer Rubin, Foundation Coordinator at 321-319-4870 or jenniferr@aaoptom.org