Reminder! 2017 Ocular Photography Contest Closes 7/15

Academy 2015 New Orleans
2017 Comprehensive Eye Care Section
Ocular Photography Contest
The Comprehensive Eye Care Section would like to announce that the 2017 Ocular Photography Contest is currently open and will close at midnight CST on July 15, 2017, with the winners being notified by August 15, 2017.

Optometrists may submit up to two (2) entries per category (listed below).
  • Anterior Segment: Lids, Conjunctiva, Cornea, Contact Lens, Iris, Lens, Angle/Gonioscopy, Color photo, Anterior Seg OCT
  • Posterior Segment: Vitreous, Optic Nerve, Retina, Color/Red-free photo, Fluorescein Angiography/ICG, Fundus Auto-fluorescence, Posterior Seg OCT, HRT, GDx, B-scan ultrasound
The grand prize winner from each category will receive complimentary registration for Academy 2017 Chicago and will have his or her photograph published in the OVS Journal, as well as in the meeting show daily, AAO Times. In addition to the two grand prize winners, the contest will award 4 honorable mentions. All of the winning submissions will be assembled into a photo tower which will be on display at the Academy meeting.

Please complete the submission form for each separate image or group of images. All of the images and the submission form should be attached to an email sent to with attention to contest co-chairs Dr. April M. Lewis and Dr. Melanie Gonzalez-Oliva. 

For full contest rules please visit the 2017 Ocular Photography Contest webpage. Also, you may view the previous contest winning submissions online.