Honorary & Life Fellowship Award

Prior to 1986, Honorary Life Fellowship was usually given to Academy Fellows who had contributed significantly to the Academy with years of service being a factor in the selection; on several occasions this award was given to individuals who were not optometrists and were not members of the Academy.

Bylaw amendments adopted in 1986 changed the name of this award to Honorary Fellowship and defined it as honoring individuals who are not Academy Fellows for distinguished contributions to the Academy and/or the science and art of optometry. Nominations are made to the Awards Committee by Academy members and are approved by the Board of Directors. At the same time, the distinction of Life Fellowship was created to provide recognition to those Fellows who through long-time membership in the Academy have rendered distinguished service to the science and art of optometry; the selection procedure is the same as for Honorary Fellowship. Both awards also constitute membership categories.

Past Honorary Fellowship Award Recipients

Since 1986 the following persons have been elected as Honorary Fellows:

2012 Susan I. Eger, James F. Jorkasky
2009 Phil Keefer
2001 H. Dwight Cavanagh
2000 Donald Everett, Jr.
1993 Irving Fatt 
1999 Israel Goldberg 
1991 John K. Davis 
1997 Carl Kupfer
1988 Maria Dablemont 
1994 Eleanor Faye 
From 1964 to 1986 the following persons were elected as Honorary Life Fellows:
1981  Monroe J. Hirsch, Eric Bateman, Irvin M. Borish, Edward J. Fisher, Daniel G. Hummel, Lois B. Bing 1973 Harold Simmerman, Carl C. Koch
1980 Robert E. Bannon, Meredith W. Morgan, Henry W. Hofstetter 1972 John D. Perry, William Policoff, John C. Neill, William Feinbloom, Russell Manwiller
1979 Leo A. Meyer 1971 George T. Brooks
1976 Richard Held, Harold M. Fisher, Mervyn H. Kauhl 1970 Arthur P. Wheelock
1975 Glenn A. Fry, J.L. Saks 1965 Kenneth B. Stoddard
1974 Lawrence Fitch    
As of 1964, the following persons were listed in the directory of the Academy as Honorary Life Fellows:
  J. Fred Andreae    William L. Benedict 
  Arthur E. Hoare    Julius F. Neumueller 
  E. LeRoy Ryer    Alpheus W. Smith 
  Morris J. Steinfeld    Frank W. Weymouth 
  Eugene Wiseman    

Past Life Fellowship Award Recipients

2017 Bert C. Corwin, Avrum Richler 2002 William R. Baldwin, Scott Brisbin
2016 Anthony J. Adams, Thomas L. Lewis 2001 Richard Hopping
2014 Satya B. Verma 1998 Irving Bennett, Charles Stewart
2013 Anthony P. Cullen, Michael G. Harris 1997 Darrell B. Carter, Edward Goodlaw
2012 John F. Amos 1996 Elmer H. Eger, Donald G. Pitts
2005 Judith A. Clay, Brien A. Holden, Gerald E. Lowther, Harold Solan 1995 Theodore P. Grosvenor, Joseph Nupuf, Sol Tabak, Edward K. Walker
2004  Lester Caplin, Richard Hill 1994 Merrill J. Allen, Solon Braff
    1993 Merton C. Flom, G. Burtt Holmes
    1992 Richard Feinberg, Robert A. Koetting, Edward B. Mehr, Helen M. Mehr, Bradford W. Wild
    1991 J. Donald Kratz, Alfred A. Rosenbloom, Jr., John N. Schoen
    1990 Frederick U. Baublitz, Donald A. Springer
    1989 Morris Kirschen, William M. Lyle, Henry B. Peters, Ralph E. Wick, John Zettel, Jr.
    1987 Gordon Heath, Frederick Hebbard, Henry Knoll