Carel C. Koch Memorial Medal Award

The Carel C. Koch Memorial Medal Award (established 1974) is awarded to a person who has made outstanding contributions to the enhancement and development of relationships between optometry and other professions. This award is not limited to Academy Fellows nor to optometrists, but may be presented to physicians, educators, or others who have made an outstanding contribution in that direction, worthy of national attention. Academy members make nominations to the Awards Committee and the Awards Committee makes selections with the Board of Directors' approval.

Past Award Recipients

2017 Joseph Fontenot
2016 Not Awarded
2015 Mae O. Gordon
2014 Serge Resnikoff
2013 Sandra S. Block
2012 Roger J. Wilson
2011 David A. Sullivan
2010 Thomas F. Freddo
2009 James Saviola
2008 Brien Holden
2007 Michael Mittelman
2006 Georges C. Benjamin
2005 Murray Fingeret
2004 John Whitener
2003 Melvin D. Shipp
2002 Satya B. Verma
2001 Arol S. Augsburger
2000 W. David Sullins
1999 Alfred A. Rosenbloom, Jr
1998 Lester Caplan
1997 Lois B. Bing
1996 Joseph L. Henry
1995 Ron G. Fair
1994 Edward H. Van Ness
1993 Charles F. Mullen
1991 David I. Rosenstein & Edwin Marshall
1990 Alden N. Haffner
1989 Melvin D. Wolfberg
1988 Samuel M. Genensky
1987 William F. Gallagher
1986 John Hogness
1983 Natalie C. Barraga
1982 J. Harold Bailey
1981 Martha Long Phillips
1977 Albert N. Lemoine, Jr.
1976 Thomas W. Mou
1975 Richard J. Ball
1974 Henry B. Peters