Approximately 7% of Academy Fellows have also achieved the distinction of being a Diplomate. Somce of the benefits of becoming a Diplomate of a Section are:

  • Professional growth and goal achievement
  • Recognition of extensive skill in their research or practice area
  • Participation in a referral network of highly qualified colleagues
  • Camaraderie and fellowship with leaders in the field


Diplomate in Anterior Segment Section
The Anterior Segment Section was approved by the American Academy of Optometry Board of Directors in May 2013. Completion of the Diplomate Program in Anterior Segment is a recognition of that Fellow’s expertise in the area of Anterior Segment Optometry. If you have any questions regarding the Diplomate program, please contact the Diplomate Chair: Dr. Nicholas Colatrella at NickCOD@aol.com The Anterior Segment Section invites Academy Fellows with an interest in Anterior Segment to become a candidate for Diplomate in Anterior Segment. The process is as follows: I. Initiating the Process A. Complete an application and pay a $100 application fee B. Submit a copy of your Curriculum Vitae C. The Diplomate Chair will contact you by email to outline the process and help you get started.