Executive Order on Immigration

     The recent Executive Order on Immigration dated January 27, 2017 has created great uncertainty to many here in the United States and abroad. Likewise, the American Academy of Optometry has heard concerns from several of its members regarding the recent order. In response to the order, the Academy Board of Directors has initiated an action plan and will continue to closely monitor the situation as it relates to any effect it might have on our international members and annual meeting participants. Specifically, we are considering a contingency plan for Admittance Committee interviews, additional strategies to minimize any adverse impact on our attendance for the Chicago meeting and beyond, and ways to assure the free exchange of scientific information from our foreign colleagues affected directly by this order are underway.

     Of particular note, the Board of Directors agrees wholeheartedly with the concerns raised by our scientific partners in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) letter dated January 31, 2017 to the White House outlining the potential problems that this order may cause the scientific community.

     The Academy values and relies heavily on the active and open participation of our international members. Therefore, any assistance or advice we can provide to those affected, especially to facilitate their travel to all Academy functions, will remain a priority.

Board of Directors 
The American Academy of Optometry