Neuro-ophthalmic Disorders in Optometry SIG

The purpose of this Special Interest Group is to enhance the knowledge of its members in the area of neuro-ophthalmic disease and improve the care given to patients with neuro-ophthalmic diseases.

The purposes of the Neuro-ophthalmic Disorders in Optometry Special Interest Group will be to:

  • Serve as a primary resource for the Academy for papers, posters, courses, information, and research regarding neuro-ophthalmic disorders, and to advise the Academy on policy in these areas.
  • Encourage inquiry and research into neuro-ophthalmic disorders.
  • Promote, advance and enhance the identity of optometry as a profession with expertise in neuro-ophthalmic disorders.

For more information, please contact Dr. Joseph Sowka.

2013 Lawrence G. Gray Memorial Symposium on Neuro-Ophthalmic Disorders
Wednesday, October 23 7:00 – 9:10 PM
Learn about determining the urgency of neuroophthalmic presentations, differentiating glaucomatous from non-glaucomatous optic neuropathies, and the application of human-computer interface technology in relation to Devic’s Disease. Speakers include prominent neuro-ophthalmologists including Steven R. Hamilton, MD, Craig H. Smith, MD, and Joseph Sowka, OD, FAAO.