OVS Announces - June 2017


FEATURE ISSUE - Intraocular Pressure in Glaucoma

Submission window: May 1, 2017 to July 31, 2017
Publication date: January 2018

Topics targeted for this issue include:

  • Advances in anterior segment imaging emphasizing the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of glaucoma
  • Novel drug mechanisms and advances in sustained-release medications for IOP control
  • Advances in IOP measurement, including continuous monitoring, diurnal rhythms, etc. 
  • The influence of intracranial pressure, ocular perfusion pressure and IOP on glaucoma
  • Ocular tissue biomechanics and IOP
  • Care delivery models and the use of technology in screening/telemedicine
  • The role of patient adherence and health behaviors in glaucoma therapy

Optometry and Vision Science will publish study results from original research and clinical perspectives together in a single publication in January 2018. Submissions for this feature issue will be coordinated by the Feature Issue Guest Editor: Andrew Mick (Associate Editor). All manuscripts will be peer reviewed and must be submitted online at http://ovs.edmgr.com.

Coming in the June 2017 Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights.
The online copy will be available early-June.
E-Publication now available for all these articles at

Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO

The Safety of Soft Contact Lenses in Children

Mark A. Bullimore


Specific Location of Disc Hemorrhage is Linked to Nerve Fiber Layer Defects

Young Cheol Yoo, Joon Mo Kim, Han Seok Park, Chungkwon Yoo, Seong Hee Shim, Yu Sam Won, Ki Ho Park, Robert T. Chang


Influence of Optic Disc Size on Identifying Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy

Gregory J. Nixon, Ronald K. Watanabe, Michael Sullivan-Mee, Anthony DeWilde, Lisa Young, G. Lynn Mitchell


Foveal Curvature and Asymmetry Assessed Using Optical Coherence Tomography

Dean A. VanNasdale, Amanda Eilerman, Aaron Zimmerman, Nicky Lai, Keith Ramsey, Loraine T. Sinnott


Corneal Equilibrium Flux as a Function of Corneal Surface Oxygen Tension

Vicente Compañ, Marcel Aguilella-Arzo, Barry A. Weissman


Bigaussian Wavefront Model for Normal and Keratoconic Eyes

Jos Rozema, Pablo Rodriguez, Rafael Navarro, Carina Koppen


Impact of Dry Eye Symptoms and Daily Activities in a Modern Office

Mirjam M. A. van Tilborg, Katherine S. Evans, Paul J. Murphy


Comparison of Ocular Lubricant Osmolalities

Etty Bitton, Carolyn Perugino, Stephanie Charette


Investigating the Short-Term Effect of Eyelid Massage on Corneal Topography

Britta Riede-Pult, Katharine Evans, Heiko Pult

The Development of the Chinese Intermittent Extropia Questionnaire (CIXTQ)

Hui Zhu, Ling Shen, Chao-Qun Yuan, Shu Xu, Zhen-Hua Leng, Zhu-Jun Fu, Yun-Hua Xiao, Hu Liu


Developing a Logarithmic Chinese Reading Acuity Chart

Qi-Ming Han, Lin-Juan Cong, Cong Yu, Lei Liu