OVS Announces - March 2017


Coming in the March 2017 Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights.
The online copy will be available early-March.
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Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


Scotoma Visibility and Reading Rate with Bilateral Central Scotomas

Joshua D. Pratt, Scott B. Stevenson, and Harold E. Bedell

Measurement of Perceived Stress in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Bradley E. Dougherty, San-San L. Cooley, and Frederick H. Davidorf

fMRI with Central Vision Loss: Effects of Fixation Locus and Stimulus Type

Tina Plank, Jozef Frolo, Sabine Brandl-Rühleb, Agnes B. Renner, Herbert Jägle, and Mark W. Greenlee

Fixation Stability Recording: How Long for Eyes with Central Vision Loss?

Esther González, Luminita Tarita-Nistor, Ishrat Gill, and Martin J. Steinbach

Relative Difficulties of Daily Living Tasks With Retinitis Pigmentosa

Keziah Latham, Mohammad Baranian, Matthew A. Timmis, Andy Fisher, and Shahina Pardhan

Associations between Spatial and Temporal Contrast Sensitivity and Reading

Tamara Brussee, Thomas J. T. P. van den Berg, Ruth M.A. van Nispen, and Ger H. M. B. van Rens

Correlational Study of Diabetic Retinopathy and Hearing Loss

Caroline Ooley, Weon Jun, Kim Le, Allen Kim, Nathan Rock, Molly Cardenal, Rebecca Kline, Drew Aldrich, and John Hayes

Vision Problems and Reduced Reading Outcomes in Queensland Schoolchildren

Shelley Hopkins, Geoff Sampson, Peter Hendicott, and Joanne Wood

Accommodation and Phoria in Children Wearing Multifocal Contact Lenses

Kathryn Richdale, Celia R Gong, and David Troilo

Effect of Accommodation on Peripheral Eye Lengths of Emmetropes and Myopes

David A. Atchinson, Hussain Aldossari, Marwan Suheimat, and Katrina L. Schmid

Spherical Soft Contact Lens Designs and Peripheral Defocus in Myopic Eyes

David A. Berntsen, Kelly E. Moore, and Julia S. Benoit

Relationship between Corneal Thickness and Radius to Body Height

Sven Jonuscheit, Michael J. Doughty, Raúl Martín, and Ana Rio-Cristobal

Association of Body length with Ocular Parameters in Mice

Michelle T. Pardue, Ranjay Chakraborty, Hanna Park, Christopher C. Tan, Paul Weiss, and Megan C. Prunt

Development of a Keratoconus-specific Questionnaire Using Rasch Analysis

Jyoti Khadka, Paul G. Schoneveld, and Konrad Pesudovs

Inter-visit Test-retest Variability of the Topcon 3D OCT-2000 in Glaucoma

John Graham Pearce and Ted Maddess

SD-OCT and Adaptive Optics Imaging of Outer Retinal Tubulation

Brett J. King, Kaitlyn A. Sapoznik, Ann E. Elsner, Thomas J. Gast, Joel A. Papay, Christopher A. Clark, and Stephen A. Burns

Outer Retinal Tubulation (ORT): A Case Series

Leticia A. Rousso, Julie A. Rodman, Brad Sutton, and Diana L. Shechtman

Painless, 'Defect-less' Acanthamoeba Keratitis with Perfect Vision

Alvin L. Young, Pui Wai Rachel Kwok, Ka Wai Kam, and Vishal Jhanji

Minocycline-Induced Scleral and Dermal Hyperpigmentation

Cheryl Haskes, Michael Shea, and David Imondi