In Vivo Assessment of Inflammatory Cells in Contact Lens Wearers

Title In Vivo Assessment of Inflammatory Cells in Contact Lens Wearers
Author, Co-Author Yahya Ahmed Alzahrani
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Room 205-207
Abstract Purpose: To investigate the effect of contact lens (CL) wear on Langerhans cell density (LCD) in the cornea and conjunctiva using vivo corneal confocal microscopy (CCM).

Methods: Seventy-two (72) non-contact lens wearers with healthy eyes were enrolled. Individuals with history of corneal surgery or trauma, diabetes, blood pressure instability, current or long-term topical ocular medication, history of CL wearing for six months prior to the first examination day, pregnant and breastfeeding, using oral contraceptives, or with a symptom plus a sign of dry eye, were excluded. One-hundred frames from the central region of the cornea and the nasal bulbar conjunctiva were captured at baseline using CCM (Heidelberg HRT3);five and six random images (respectively) were selected for analysis. Forty six (46) participants were fitted with hydrogel lenses and examined again after one week of daily wear; 26 age-balanced participants acted as the control. LCD was determined as the number of presumed LCs per square millimetre using the Heidelberg counting tool.

Results: Langerhans cell density increased significantly after one week of CL wear in the cornea centre (29 ± 17 to 65 ± 45 cells/mm2, p <0.001) and the nasal bulbar conjunctiva (6 ± 8 to 16 ± 20 cells/mm2, p <0.001). There was no significant change in LCD in the control participants in the cornea centre (35 ± 28 to 33 ± 28 cells/mm2, p=0.81) and in the nasal bulbar conjunctiva (7 ± 6 to 7± 7 cells/mm2, p=0.90) after one week.

Conclusion: Contact lens wear induced a short-term increase in the number of LC by two-fold in both the corneal centre and nasal bulbar conjunctiva. These results suggest an immune response in the cornea and conjunctiva in response to short-term CL wear.
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