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Member Categories
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Over the last 5 years, Fellowship in the Academy has grown by an average of about 3.7% per year. 

Fellowship Growth

Over the last year, interest in Fellowship has continued to grow. The Academy's Membership Committee has been focusing its efforts to meet the goals of the new Strategic Plan including promoting the FAAO distinction and recruiting new Candidates for Fellowship from graduating students to international optometrists to those working in a corporate setting. Another goal of the Membership Committee, as well as part of the Membership pillar of the Strategic Plan, is to increase diversity within the Academy. 

Geographic Distribution of Fellows

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Over 12% of Fellows reside outside the United States
Fellows Who See Patients
Fellows Who See Patients
Geographic Distribution of Fellows
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Membership Committee

Marta Fabrykowski, Chair
Eilene Kinzer, Vice Chair
Lisa Badowski
Greg Caldwell
Reema Chokshi
Kristina Haworth
Breanna McGhee
Matthew Roe

Maintenance of Fellowship Committee

Karen DeLoss, Chair
Kimberly Lambreghts
Brad Sutton