Optometry and Vision Science Journal

Optometry and Vision Science (OVS) is the leading optometric journal in the world based on the size of circulation, the number of articles published, the quantity of scientific citations, the scope of content, and the relevance to clinical practice. 

  • OVS is currently ranked #20 among more than 120 peer-reviewed journals in the ophthalmology and optometry category, and is the only optometry journal indexed by Google Scholar.
  • The journal impact factor (JIF) of OVS has continued to rise, reaching its current JIF of 1.9 in 2019.
  • The international stature and reach of OVS has grown with the published number of international collaborations increasing from 8% in 2009to 26% in 2018. 
  • OVS has standardized reporting guidelines for clinical trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses and had prioritized increasing the number of evidence-based publications. 
  • In 2016, OVS became online only with seamless access to the journal using AAO membership credentials. 
  • OVS saw 258,600 visits to the site in 2019, an average of 21,500 visits per month. 
  • In 2019, 443 articles were submitted, with 155 published (120/443=28%).
  • There were two featured issues in 2019: Imaging in Glaucoma and Advances in Scleral Lenses.
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Top articles:
1. Objective Assessment of Disparity Vergence after Treatment of Symptomatic Convergence Insufficiency in Children

2. A 3-year Randomized Clinical Trial of MiSight Lenses for Myopia Control 

3. Impact of Dry Eye on Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity: Dry Eye Assessment and Management Study 

4. The Effect of a Head-mounted Low Vision Device on Visual Function 

5. Blue-blocking Filters and Digital Eyestrain 

6. Font Size and Viewing Distance of Handheld Smart Phones 

7. The Safety of Soft Contact Lenses in Children 

8. Scientific Integrity and the Reproducibility Crisis 

9. Effects of Progressive Addition Lens Wear on Digital Work in Pre-presbyopes 

10. Changes in the Properties of the Preferred Retinal Locus with Eccentric Viewing Training

OVS Editorial Staff
Michael Twa, Editor-in-Chief
Don Mutti, Associate Editor
Thomas Raasch, Associate Editor
Kurt Zadnik, Managing Editor

OVS Editorial Board

Bang Bui
Bradley Dougherty
Thomas Freddo
Eric Papas
Scott Read
David Troilo
Ann Webber
James Wolffsohn