(AS) Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease: Anterior Segment

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
AS-01  Rapid Fire: What's New in Cornea and Contact Lenses? AS-01.pdf
AS-02 Rapid Fire: Refractory Ocular Surface Disease, Beyond First Line Therapy AS-02.pdf
AS-03 Ocular Emergencies AS-03.pdf
AS-04 Pain and Photophobia in Ocular Surface Disease  AS-04.pdf
AS-05  An Optometrist's Guide to Corneal Crosslinking  AS-05.pdf
AS-06  Lid Lesions: Relax or Refer?  AS-06.pdf
AS-07  Demodex: Reflections, Connections and Misconceptions  AS-07.pdf
AS-08  Rapid Fire: New Considerations in MGD Management  AS-08.pdf
AS-09 Anterior Uveitis: Beyond Wills AS-09.pdf
AS-10 A Grand Rounds Series AS-10.pdf
AS-11 Rapid Fire: Advanced Therapeutic Treatment in Clinical Practice  AS-11.pdf
AS-12 Anterior Uveitis: An Organized Approach to Diagnosis and Management AS-12.pdf
AS-13  HSV Epithelial Keratitis: Avoiding the Initial Misdiagnosis  AS-13.pdf
AS-14  Grand Rounds of the Anterior Segment  AS-14.pdf
AS-15  The Clinical Use of Ophthalmic Point-of-Care Diagnostic Lab Tests AS-15.pdf
AS-16  Anterior Chamber Angle: Assessment and Anomalies AS-16.pdf
AS-17 The Herpes Group  AS-17.pdf

(BV) Binocular Vision/Pediatrics

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
BV-01  Update on Amblyopia Management BV-01.pdf
BV-02 Prism Applications in Acquired Brain Injury BV-02.pdf
BV-03 Evaluating and Managing Infant Aphakia with Gas Permeable Lenses BV-03.pdf
BV-04 Adult Strabismus in the Primary Care Setting: To Treat or Not To Treat BV-04.pdf
BV-05  Prescribing for a Preverbal Pediatric Population  BV-05.pdf
BV-06  The Differential Diagnosis of Functional vs. Pathological Vision Loss BV-06.pdf
BV-07  Anterior Segment Disease in Infants and Young Children  BV-07.pdf 
BV-08  Managing Refractive Conditions from a Developmental Approach BV-08.pdf
BV-09 Evaluation and Management of Special Populations BV-09.pdf
BV-10 Rapid Fire: Amblyopia Challenges - 3 Perspectives BV-10.pdf
BV-11 Management of Diplopia  BV-11.pdf 
BV-12 Prescribing Prism for Strabismus: My Top 10 Clinical Tips BV-12.pdf
BV-13  New Treatment Considerations for Infantile (Congenital) Nystagmus BV-13.pdf
BV-14  How to Integrate Vision Therapy into Practice  BV-14.pdf
BV-15  Primary Care Management of Binocular Vision Anomalies with Prism BV-15.pdf
BV-16  Sports Vision Training: Current Digital Options  BV-16.pdf
BV-17 Post Trauma Vision Rehabilitation BV-17.pdf

(CL) Contact Lenses

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
CL-01  Clinical Implications of Current Scleral Lens Research  CL-01.pdf
CL-02 Be In Charge of Your Myopia Control Strategy CL-02.pdf
CL-03 Scleral Lens Video Grand Rounds CL-03.pdf
CL-04 Contact Lenses for the Next generation CL-04.pdf
CL-05  Basic Strategies for Clinical Success with Scleral Lenses  CL-05.pdf
CL-06  Lid Margin Wellness: Are We Being Proactive CL Fitters?  CL-06.pdf
CL-07  New Advances in Contact Lens Care CL-07.pdf
CL-08  Sclerals and Hybrids: A Clinical Grand Round CL-08.pdf
CL-09 Understanding Multifocal Contact Lenses  CL-09.pdf
CL-10 Contact Lens Challenges for High Ametropia CL-10.pdf
CL-11 Rapid Fire: Scleral Lens Practices - The SCOPE Studies CL-11.pdf
CL-12 Advanced Scleral Lens Fitting Techniques CL-12.pdf
CL-13  Rapid Fire: Optimizing Ocular Health in Scleral Lens Fitting CL-13.pdf
CL-14  Scleral Lenses: How Do You Know What Is Best?  CL-14.pdf
CL-15  Contact Lens Management of the Astigmatic Presbyope  CL-15.pdf
CL-16  Rapid Fire: Combatting Common Scleral Lens Problems CL-16.pdf 
CL-17 Management of Keratoconus with Contact Lenses: Mild to Severe CL-17.pdf
CL-18 Scleral Lens Virtual Workshop: You Decide the Parameters CL-18.pdf
CL-19 Contact Lenses for Infants: Indication, Evaluation, and Technique CL-19.pdf
CL-20 Ocular Contour Driven Soft and Rigid Scleral Lens Design and Fitting  CL-20.pdf
CL-21  Rapid Fire: Long Term Scleral Lens Management  CL-21.pdf 
CL-22 Troubleshooting Corneal GP Lenses for Keratoconus Patients CL-22.pdf
CL-23 Contact Lens Case Studies CL-23.pdf 
CL-24  Orthokeratology for Myopia Control  CL-24.pdf

Diplomate Prep Course

(DPAS) Anterior Segment Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPAS-01  Pathogens of Corneal Infection DPAS-01.pdf
DPAS-02 The Long and the Short of It: A Collection of Anterior Segment Cases DPAS-02.pdf
DPAS-03 Diagnostic Testing of Uveitis DPAS-03.pdf

(DPBV) BVPPO Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPBV-01  Advanced Strabismus Diagnosis and Treatment DPBV-01.pdf
DPBV-02 Visual Information Processing Diagnosis and Treatment DPBV-02.pdf
DPBV-03 Vision Therapy Skills DPBV-03.pdf

(DPCC) Comprehensive Eye Care Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPCC-01  Case-based/Clinical-problem Solving Review Session on Contact Lenses DPCC-01.pdf
DPCC-02 Vision Rehabilitation DPCC-02.pdf
DPCC-03 "Complicated" Refractive Cases and their Management DPCC-03.pdf

(DPCL) Section on CCLRT Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPCL-01  Current Research Topics in Cornea Contact Lenses DPCL-01.pdf
DPCL-02 Considerations in Corneal Transplantations and Contact Lens Fitting DPCL-02.pdf
DPCL-03 Complex Fitting for the Irregular Cornea  DPCL-03.pdf
DPCL-04 Complex GP Toric Lens Prescribing DPCL-04.pdf
DPCL-05  GP Multifocal Update  DPCL-05.pdf

(DPGL) Glaucoma Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPGL-01  Understanding Visual Fields: Sources of Variability in Static Automated Perimetry DPGL-01.pdf
DPGL-02 Evidence-Based Glaucoma Management: Tips for Assessing Published Research  N/A

(DPLV) Low Vision Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPLV-01  Clinical Optics for Low Vision Rehabilitation  DPLV-01.pdf
DPLV-02 Management of Inherited Ocular Disorders: Emerging Concepts in the Post-Genome Era DPLV-02.pdf
DPLV-03 Grand Rounds: Efficient, Comprehensive Case Reports DPLV-03.pdf
DPLV-04 The Ocular Disease Exam: Overview, Research Studies, Diagnostic Testing and Genetics DPLV-04.pdf
DPLV-05  Grand Rounds: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Vision Rehabilitation  DPLV-05.pdf
DPLV-06 Case Report Survival Guide DPLV-06.pdf
DPLV-07 Low Vision Rehabilitation: Four Clinical Cases DPLV-07.pdf

(DPPH) PHEV Section Diplomate Prep Course

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
DPPH-01  History of Public Health, Ethics and Prevention DPPH-01.pdf
DPPH-02 Epidemiology and Biostatistics, NASEM Report, Optometry and Tropical Disease DPPH-02.pdf
DPPH-03 Health Care Policy, Public Health Law, Quality Assurance DPPH-03.pdf
DPPH-04 Health Care Systems DPPH-04.pdf
DPPH-05  Environmental Vision Basics DPPH-05.pdf

(GL) Glaucoma

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
GL-01  Current Topics in Glaucoma GL-01.pdf
GL-02 Rapid Fire: Gonioscopy's Critical Role in Glaucoma GL-02.pdf
GL-03 Diagnosis and Management of the Secondary Glaucomas  GL-03.pdf
GL-04 Glaucoma Progression  GL-04.pdf
GL-05  Nocturnal Considerations in Glaucoma Management GL-05.pdf
GL-06  When Glaucoma Is Not Glaucoma GL-06.pdf
GL-07  Keys to Preventing Vision Loss in Glaucoma GL-07.pdf
GL-08  Clinical Decision Making Following Diagnosis of POAG GL-08.pdf
GL-09 Management of Corneal and Anterior Segment Disease in Glaucoma  GL-09.pdf 
GL-10 Top 10 Things I Learned When We Became a Glaucoma Referral Center GL-10.pdf

(GO) General Optometry

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
GO-01  Utilizing Advanced Lens Analysis to Optimize Ophthalmic Lens Performance GO-01.pdf
GO-02 An Introduction to Evidence-based Optometry GO-02.pdf
GO-03 Mental Health Considerations for the Optometrist GO-03.pdf
GO-04 Diagnosis and Management of Refractive Error in Infants and Young Children: Tips & Tricks  GO-04.pdf
GO-05  Pediatric Clinical Cases That Are Not What They Appear  GO-05.pdf
GO-06  Ocular Prosthetics Primer  GO-06.pdf 
GO-07  Vision and Cognition in the Aging Population GO-07.pdf 
GO-08  Blue Light: Separating Fact and Fiction GO-08.pdf 
GO-09 OD Scrabble: Scientific Evidence, Pseudoscience, and Clinical Care  GO-09.pdf
GO-10 Nutritional Supplementation for Ocular Conditions GO-10.pdf
GO-11 Myopia Control in Action GO-11.pdf
GO-12 Chronic Disease Management Through Behavior Modification GO-12.pdf
GO-13 The Athletic Fit - Cases of Contact Lenses and Sports Vision GO-13.pdf
GO-14 Visual Electrodiagnostics: Diagnostic Indications and Clinical Cases in Neuro-eye and Retinal Disorders GO-14.pdf
GO-15 Crafting the Successful Spectacle Prescription: Tips for Accurate Refraction and Patient-Friendly Prescription Writing GO-15.pdf
GO-16 Case Based Approach to Ophthalmic Ultrasound GO-16.pdf
GO-17 Assessing Fitness to Drive: Past, Present and Future GO-17.pdf
GO-18 Introduction to Sports Vision Training - Foundational, Cutting Edge and Just Plain Fun Techniques  GO-18.pdf
GO-19 Pediatrics to Geriatrics: Case Reviews Through the Ages GO-19.pdf

(GR) Grand Rounds

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
GR-01  Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds I GR-01.pdf
GR-02 Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds II GR-02.pdf
GR-03 Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds III GR-03.pdf
GR-04 Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds IV  GR-04.pdf
GR-05  Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds V GR-05.pdf
GR-06  Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds VI GR-06.pdf
GR-07  Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds VII GR-07.pdf 
GR-08  Ellerbrock Presents: Grand Rounds VIII GR-08.pdf

(JP) Jurisprudence

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
JP-01  Prevention of Medical Errors JP-01.pdf

(LP) Laser Procedures

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
LP-01  Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapy LP-01.pdf

(LV) Low Vision

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
LV-01  Low Vision Management of Inherited Ocular Disorders: Emerging Concepts in the Post-Genome Era LV-01.pdf
LV-02 Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation of Pediatric Visual and Developmental Disorders LV-02.pdf
LV-03 SPECtacular Low Vision Case Reports LV-03.pdf
LV-04 Low Vision Technology Update 2017: Mobile Magnification, Print-to-Speech, and More LV-04.pdf 
LV-05  Reasons Why Vision Rehabilitation Strategies Sometimes Don't Work LV-05.pdf
LV-06  Evaluation and Treatment of the Child with Vision Impairment  LV-06.pdf
LV-07  Look, Ma; No Hands! Fitting Spectacle-Mounted Telescopes LV-07.pdf
LV-08  Low Vision Coding and Billing: A Fresh Look at ICD-10 and CPT-4 LV-08.pdf
LV-09 Testing and Treating Reading Vision in Visually Impaired Patients LV-09.pdf
LV-10 Rapid Fire: Vision and Driving: From Research to Evidence-Based Clinical Practice  LV-10.pdf
LV-11  Vision Rehabilitation with Wearable Display Technology LV-11.pdf
LV-13 Diplopia and Confusion in Visual Field Rehabilitation LV-13.pdf
LV-15 Noteworthy Cases of Common Conditions in Low Vision Rehabilitation LV-15.pdf

(NO) Neuro-optometry

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
NO-01  The Basics of a Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Evaluation NO-01.pdf
NO-02 An Organized Approach to the Patient with Papilledema and Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension NO-02.pdf
NO-03 Transient Visual Loss NO-03.pdf
NO-04 Giant Cell Arteritis: A Cause Lurking Behind Several Common Ocular Diagnoses NO-04.pdf
NO-05  Neuroradiology NO-05.pdf
NO-06  Neuro-ophthalmological Emergencies Presenting in Optometry NO-06.pdf
NO-07  Case Presentation: Neuro-ophthalmology and Systemic Disease NO-07.pdf
NO-08  "Doctor, I See Double": Managing Cranial Nerve Palsies NO-08.pdf
NO-09 Anatomical Considerations in Neuro-Ophthalmic Management NO-09.pdf
NO-10 Glaucoma Masqueraders - Conditions That Mimic Optical Coherence Tomography NO-10.pdf
NO-11  Neuro-ophthalmic Masqueraders NO-11.pdf
NO-12 Dizziness and Disequilibrium - Optometric Considerations NO-12.pdf

(OP) Pharmacology

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
OP-01  Systemic Medications Affecting Your Eye Examination OP-01.pdf
OP-02 FDA Approved Pharmaceuticals - New Agents and Updates OP-02.pdf
OP-03 IV Meds in Eyecare: Case Based Learning OP-03.pdf
OP-04 Innovations in Ocular Drug Delivery Systems OP-04.pdf
OP-05  Biologic Therapies in Eye Care OP-05.pdf
OP-06  Prescribing Oral Antivirals in Eye Care OP-06.pdf
OP-07  Top 10 Deadliest Prescription Drugs in America  OP-07.pdf
OP-08  Amniotic Membranes: Current Uses, Future Considerations OP-08.pdf
OP-09 My Doc Told Me to Get an Eye Exam Because... OP-09.pdf

(PH) Public Health

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
PH-01  Evidence-Based Communication Strategies that Enhance Clinical Care and Patient Safety PH-01.pdf
PH-02 Project PAVE - Education Based Pediatric Low Vision Model PH-02.pdf
PH-03 Social Determinants of Health: An Overview and Link to Optometry PH-03.pdf
PH-04 Improving Clinical Outcomes: Cultural Competency in Eye Care PH-04.pdf
PH-05  Primary Eye Care with a Global Focus  PH-05.pdf
PH-06  Eye Care Providers on Front Lines of Zika Virus PH-06.pdf
PH-07  Carotenoid Rx for Healthy Eyes PH-07.pdf

(PM) Practice Management

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
PM-01  Managing Managed Vision Plans PM-01.pdf
PM-02 Aligning Staff Mindset PM-02.pdf
PM-03 Will Your Records Survive an Audit? PM-03.pdf

(PO) Peri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
PO-01  Rapid Fire: Corneal Crosslinking: Keratoconus and Beyond PO-01.pdf
PO-02 Referring and Comanaging Retinal Disease PO-02.pdf
PO-03 Lumps & Bumps: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Removal Techniques PO-03.pdf
PO-04 The Surgical Update 2017: What Every Optometrist Needs to Know PO-04.pdf

(PS) Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease: Posterior Segment

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
PS-01  Age Related Macular Degeneration - Current Concepts and Future Directions PS-01.pdf
PS-02 Infectious Retina 101  PS-02.pdf
PS-03 Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography: Imaging in Motion PS-03.pdf
PS-04 Pediatric Retinal Diseases PS-04.pdf
PS-05  Technology for the Posterior Segment PS-05.pdf
PS-06  From Retina to Neuro PS-06.pdf
PS-07  AMD Multimodal Imaging: Essential Concepts & Clinical Applications PS-07.pdf
PS-08  Some Common (and Some Not So Common) Posterior Pole Observations & Their Management PS-08.pdf
PS-09 The Differential of Macular Disease: When It's Not AMD PS-09.pdf
PS-10 New vs. Old: Fluorescein vs. OCT Angiography PS-10.pdf
PS-11 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT): Posterior Segment Applications PS-11.pdf
PS-12 Retinal Complications of Obstructive Sleep Apnea - A Growing Concern  PS-12.pdf
PS-13 Key to Retinal Assessment: Making Visible what is Invisible PS-13.pdf
PS-14 A Retina Specialist's Management of Optometric Referrals PS-14.pdf
PS-15 Contemporary Retinal Care: Evidence-Based vs. Real World PS-15.pdf
PS-16 Rapid Fire: Clinical Applications of OCT Enhanced Depth Imaging PS-16.pdf

(RS) Refractive Surgery Management

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
RS-01  New Horizons in Presbyopia RS-01.pdf
RS-02 New Advances in LASIK Surgery RS-02.pdf
RS-03 LASIK Surgery: Outcomes and Enhancements RS-03.pdf
RS-04 Laser K's: Keratectomy to Keratomileusis with a SMILE RS-04.pdf

(SD) Systemic/Ocular Disease

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
SD-01  Parkinson's Disease and Vision SD-01.pdf
SD-02 Rapid Fire: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Caring for Patients on the Autism Spectrum SD-02.pdf
SD-03 What Can an OD Learn from an Allergist? SD-03.pdf
SD-04 Your Microbiome: What We Need to Know SD-04.pdf
SD-05  Diabetes Update 2017: What's New and What Will Change the Way We Practice SD-05.pdf
SD-06  Wake Up - Sleep Disorders and Eye Care SD-06.pdf
SD-07  Muscle It Up - Control Diabetic Retinopathy SD-07.pdf
SD-08  Update on Plaquenil Testing: 2016 Guidelines and Beyond  SD-08.pdf
SD-09 The Latest in Caring for Your Hypertensive Patients SD-09.pdf
SD-10 Lab Testing in Optometric Practice: The Basics SD-10.pdf
SD-11 Ocular Melanoma From Genetics to Treatment SD-11.pdf
SD-12 Effective Perimetry SD-12.pdf
SD-13 Evidence Based Management of Retinal Artery Occlusions SD-13.pdf
SD-14 Hypertension in Office: When to Have a Talk, Send Home and Send to ER SD-14.pdf
SD-15 Anticoagulation and the Eye SD-15.pdf
SD-16 How Powerful a "HAART" Can Be: Understanding HIV/AIDS in a Primary Care Setting SD-16.pdf
SD-17 Crying Without Tears: Sjogren's Syndrome SD-17.pdf
SD-18 Optometry Quiz Show: The Rheumatologic Red Eyes SD-18.pdf

(SP) Surgical Procedures

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
SP-01  Minor Surgical Procedures (Blades and Radio-Waves) SP-01.pdf

(SS) Section and SIG Symposia

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
SS-01  Glaucoma Section Symposium: MIGS: Emerging Technologies in Glaucoma Surgery SS-01.pdf
SS-02 Joint Vision in Aging and Nutrition, Disease Prevention & Wellness SIGs: Aging and Nutrition in Modern Eye Care SS-02.pdf
SS-03 Neuro-ophthalmic Disorders in Optometry SIG: The Lawrence Gray Symposium SS-03.pdf
SS-04 Academic Medical Center Optometrists SIG Symposium  SS-04.pdf
SS-05  Joint Binocular Vision, Perception & Pediatric Optometry and Low Vision Section: Cortical/Cerebral Vision Impairment (CVI): An Overview of the Attributes, Range of Clinical Presentation, Research Findings, and Challenges to Rehabilitate and Educate this Burgeoning Population SS-05.pdf
SS-06  Public Health & Environmental Vision Section: The Politics, Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities of Healthcare Reform  SS-06.pdf
SS-07  Joint Comprehensive Eye Care Section and Nutrition, Disease Prevention & Wellness SIGs: Nutritional Influences on Eye Health SS-07.pdf
SS-08  Retina SIG: Posterior Segment Inflammatory Diseases and Malignancies SS-08.pdf
SS-09 Anterior Segment Section: New Perspectives in Dry Eye: Neuropathic Corneal Pain SS-09.pdf
SS-10 Vision Science SIG: Blood Flow in Retinal Disease and Glaucoma Management, Understanding Tissue Oxygenation, and Clinical Applications SS-10.pdf
SS-11A Optometric Education Section: Assessment Techniques In and Out of the Clinic SS-11A.pdf
SS-11B Optometric Education Section: Assessment Techniques In and Out of the Clinic (Workshop)
SS-12 Section on Cornea, Contact Lenses & Refractive Technologies: Ocular Surface Disease and Irregular Cornea Grand Rounds: A Multidisciplinary Approach SS-12.pdf

(WK) Workshops

Course ID
Course Title   Handout Link
WK-01  Exploring the Angle: Building Confidence in Gonioscopy WK-01.pdf
WK-02 How to Conduct a Visual Perceptual Assessment WK-02.pdf
WK-03 Maximizing Your Retinal Exam with Slit Lamp Fundus Lenses WK-03.pdf
WK-04 How to Treat Binocular Vision Disorders with Vision Therapy WK-04.pdf
WK-05  Basics of Scleral Contact Lens Fitting: It's as Easy as 1-2-3 WK-05.pdf
WK-06  Laser Learning Workshop: What Every Optometrist Needs to Know WK-06.pdf
WK-07  Uncovering Demodex: The Latest in Diagnosis and Treatment WK-07.pdf
WK-08  Basics of Scleral Contact Lens Fitting: It's as Easy as 1-2-3 WK-08.pdf
WK-09 Finding and Managing Evidence Based Resources WK-09.pdf
WK-10 Fitting Peripheral Prisms for Hemianopia WK-10.pdf
WK-11 Everything You Wanted to Know about Punctal Occlusion WK-11.pdf
WK-12 The Art and Science of Fitting GP Scleral Contact Lenses  WK-12.pdf
WK-13 Injectable Medications in Primary Eyecare WK-13.pdf
WK-14 Sutureless Amniotic Membranes: How to Properly Insert and Remove Them  WK-14.pdf
WK-15 Vision Therapy/Visual Training for Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) / Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) WK-15.pdf
WK-16 The Future of Case Reports in OVS: Implications for Authors and Reviewers WK-16.pdf