Student Online Clinical Case Education Program

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Thank you to our Fellows, students, and residents for participating in the Student Online Clinical Case Education Program, powered by the American Academy of Optometry.

This six-week program had: 
  • 139 Presenters 
  • 202 Sessions 
  • 2,331 Unique Attendees
  • 25 Participating Optometry Schools (primarily in the US and Canada) 
  • 41,256 Attendees Accessing Sessions 
  • 1.7 Million Minutes of Education 
  • 28,731 Hours of Education 
  • 26 Countries Represented by Attendees 
If you have questions regarding your attendance record and or accessing any video links you may have missed and your professors do not have them, email SOCCEP

Click below to access the Question/Answer documents from each week.