Nancy Carlson


BACKGROUND: The Clerkship Pilot Program was designed to introduce second year students to early patient care experiences in a "real world" setting. The purpose of this study is to determine if the clerkship students are more comfortable in patient care than their classmates who participated in the traditional second year clinical program.

CASE REPORT(S). Sixteen students were randomly selected by the Registrar to participate in the Clerkship Pilot Program. These students were assigned to optometric practices where they did preliminary patient workups. Any student who chose not to participate was reassigned to the traditional clinical program within the College without prejudice. Sixteen students from the remainder of the second year class were also randomly chosen to serve as a control group. All second year students were given a survey at the beginning and the end of the quarter. Thirteen surveys returned by the clerkship students and eleven surveys returned by the controls were analyzed for this study.

CONCLUSIONS. Compared to their comfort level at the beginning of the program, clerkship students reported greater comfort at the end of the program than the controls in taking a case history on a 55 year old, in measuring Goldmann applanation tonometry on a 25 year old, and in communicating with patients. The controls reported a greater increase in comfort than the clerks in taking a case history on a 25 year old, in doing a subjective refraction, and in measuring visual acuity. A paired t-test showed no statistical significance between the two groups on the pre and post tests. This is most likely due to the small sample size of this pilot study. In the written evaluations of the two programs, the clerkship students reported greater satisfaction and comfort in patient care than their classmates.


Year: 2001

Program Number: Poster 54

Author Affiliation: New England College of Optometry

Co-Authors: Gary Chu, Stacy Lyons, Richard Jamara, Bruce Moore

Co-Author Affiliation: The New England College of Optometry, The New England College of Optometry, The New England College of Optometry, The New England College of Optometry

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