Walter Betts


C.M., a 41 year old white female, was initially examined at the Ferris State College of Optometry in 1983. In 1984, the patient was diagnosed as having breast cancer and was treated by an area oncologist. In 1986, the cancer had metastasized to her sternum and in 1988 to her hips. Each time the cancer was managed successfully with radiation therapy. The patient was in remission until December of 1990 when she developed ocular symptoms and bilateral choroidal signs suggestive of metastasis. The ocular findings were continually reported to the radiation oncologist and radiation treatments were modified according to the ocular signs and other physical findings. The patient's vision improved the next year, but unfortunately she developed signs and symptoms indicating that the tumor had metastasized to other major organs. The patient died in December, 1991.


Year: 1992

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