Michel Guillon


PURPOSE. Multi-purpose lens care systems (MPS) are the systems of choice for planned replacement contact lenses. The systems available differ significantly in their chemical composition. Further in order to improve patient convenience, the modality of use of some systems has been simplified by eliminating the need to include a rubbing step. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the subjective acceptance of two MPS systems: OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® with Aldox® (Regimen 1) without a rubbing step and Complete (Comfort Plus) Pro-Tec™ System (Regimen 2) with a rubbing step. METHOD. The investigation was a randomised, investigator masked, cross-over study carried out on adapted, planned replacement contact lens wearers. The study was carried out on 64 subjects who used their habitual contact lenses with replacement frequencies between 1 week and 1 month. Each solution was used for one month with a 1-week wash-out period in between. When new solutions were issued, new contact lenses were also dispensed. Subjective satisfaction was reported in terms of comfort and symptomatology on 50-point scales both day-time and for the evening period of wear.

RESULTS. Overall the two care regimens performed similarly well. Wearing time and use of lubricating drops, were unaffected by the care system used. Comfort was better with Regimen 1 in the evening at the 1 month visit (Mean 39 vs 37, p=0.03). Dryness and grittiness symptoms occurred to a similar extent with both care systems (p>0.05). Burning/stinging sensation was rare but occurred more frequently with Regimen 1.

CONCLUSIONS. Both care systems performed similarly well overall, however OPTI-FREE® EXPRESS® without digital cleaning achieved greater end of day comfort towards the end of the one month wearing period.


Year: 2001

Program Number: Poster 148

Author Affiliation: Optometric Technology Group

Co-Authors: Cecile Maissa, Philip Cooper, Karine Girard-Claudon

Co-Author Affiliation: Optometric Technology Group, Optometric Technology Group, Optometric Technology Group

Room: Exhibit Hall C