Pete Kollbaum


BACKGROUND: Educators often use sample problems, quizzes, and tests. This typically requires the instructor to create several questions all covering the same idea, but with different inputs leading to different answers. There is considerable effort required of the instructor to create these problems, and also go over these problems with students, and grade them. The current project highlights the development of an adaptable online quiz site capable of benefiting both optometric students and educators.

CASE REPORT(S): We adapted WeBWorK (Mathematical Association of America), an open-source online homework system for math and science courses, to allow use by optometry students and eyecare providers. Although WeBWorK is supported with a National Problem Library (NPL) of over 20,000 problems, it contained no appropriate optics or optometry related problems. We created and implemented a problem set of contact lens and optics questions for use by optometry students and faculty.

CONCLUSIONS: A free, optometry related online problem set, homework and quiz site is available for use by optometric educators and students, as well as eyecare providers around the world.ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Project support provided by Bausch and Lomb and the Association of Contact Lens Educators


Year: 2012

Program Number: 125460

Resource Type: Scientific Program

Author Affiliation: Indiana University, School of Optometry

Co-Authors: John Jackson, Brandon Koh

Co-Author Affiliation: Southern College of Optometry

Room: Exhibit Hall E