Cecile Maissa


PURPOSE. Differences in tear lipid composition have been reported for contact lens and non contact lens wearing populations. However, to date no data is available on the effect of contact lens wear on tear lipid composition for the same patients. The aims of this investigation were to: i) quantify the effect on tear lipid composition of neophytes fitted with contact lenses and ii) assess the association between tear lipid composition and contact lens adsorbed lipids.

METHOD. Seventeen non contact lens wearers were fitted with ACUVUE 2 (Etafilcon A) soft contact lenses on a daily wear basis replaced two weekly. Their tear lipid composition was analysed prior to contact lens fitting and after 1 month of wear. At that visit, the contact lenses were removed aseptically and their adsorbed lipids analysed. Lipid analysis was carried by High Performance Liquid Chromatography and the data reported in terms of relative percentage of the different lipid classes.

RESULTS. At the 30 day visit the pre lens tear film had significantly more (p<0.05) cholesterol esters (38.8% vs. 25.2%), triglycerides (33.1% vs. 22.4%) and significantly less (p<0.05) monoglycerides (13.5% vs. 21.7%) and cholesterol (8.2% vs. 13.0%) than the pre ocular tear film prior to contact lens fitting. The percentage of lipid adsorbed at the surface of Etafilcon A after two weeks of wear was similar (p>0.05) to the patients tear lipid composition at the same visit for all classes of lipids analysed. This would indicate that Etafilcon A does not preferentially adsorb lipids of any class.

CONCLUSIONS. Contact lens wear modified the tear film lipid composition. Such a modification was not due to a selective adsorption of lipids by Etafilcon A. The effect of fitting neophytes with materials that are known to absorb high levels of lipids needs to be investigated.


Year: 2001

Program Number: 4:00 pm

Author Affiliation: Optometric Technology Group

Co-Authors: Michel Guillon, Philip Cooper, Karine Girard-Claudon

Co-Author Affiliation: Optometric Technology Group, Optometric Technology Group, Optometric Technology Group

Room: Room 114