Evaluating Monthly Replacement CL Patient Satisfaction

Cristina Schnider


Purpose: To assess comfort & behaviors of monthly (1M) contact lens wearers

Methods: Two studies were performed by independent market research firms with expertise in the area of assessing consumer behaviors in healthcare. 1. Leger (Canada), interviewed 758 FT wearers of marketed 1M contact lenses (Brand A, B) in the UK, US & Germany. Wearers reported any lens-related discomfort and compensating behaviors performed. 2. (Kadence), 237 current 1M CL wearers began with a fresh pair of 1M lenses (Brand A, B), documented photographically, & responded to online surveys throughout the month, reporting on comfort levels & satisfaction with lenses, feelings regarding lens performance, and perceptions based on prescribing decisions.

Results: In study 1, 73% of respondents reported discomfort-related symptoms (discomfort, lens awareness, feelings of dryness, &/or irritation) at some point in the month. Of those, 84% reported using compensating behaviors (lens removal, taking breaks from lens wear, &/or rewetting drops. In study 2, the % reporting high levels of comfort (very/extremely comfortable) dropped from wk 1 to wk 4 (68%, 61%, 54%, 49%), 50% reported being neutral to extremely dissatisfied at least 1 day in week 4, and 82% reported being annoyed, inconvenienced or frustrated by their issues. The good news is that 80% said the offer of a more comfortable lens would positively impact their opinion of and willingness to recommend their practitioner, return to the practice and purchase from the practice.

Conclusions: A majority of our 1M CL wearers may be suffering in silence, &/or compensating to get through their 1M of wear, with potential negative impact to our practice. Simply offering a more comfortable option has the potential to positively influence their impressions of the practitioner and revenue to the practice.


Year: 2016

Program Number: 165105

Resource Type: Lectures & Workshops

Author Affiliation: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Co-Authors: Michelle Wales, Kristy Canavan

Co-Author Affiliation: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc

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