Renee du Toit


PURPOSE. To determine the extent of reported non compliance with contact lens care and whether there is an associated increased risk of adverse ocular responses.

METHOD. A compliance questionnaire was completed by 110 daily soft contact lens wearers (69 females and 41 males, 33+/-9 years) prior to beginning extended wear. The adverse ocular responses that occurred during the 1 night to 30 months were divided into inflammatory events (Contact Lens Acute Red Eye, Contact Lens Induced Peripheral Corneal Ulcers and Infiltrative Keratitis) and mechanical events (Superior Epithelial Arcuate Lesions and Contact Lens Papillary Conjunctivitis). Logistic regression was performed using questionnaire scores, gender, time in study and adverse event data.

RESULTS. When asked if they washed their hands before lens handling, 24% indicated never or sometimes, 6% put their lenses in their mouth and 2% used tap water with their lenses occasionally. On removal 29% cleaned their lenses sometimes or rarely and 9% changed the solution sometimes or rarely. There was an association between questionnaire score and inflammatory events (p=0.02). With an increase of 10% in score (a high score is more suggestive of non-compliance) the prevalence of inflammatory adverse responses increased 1.8 times. Mechanical events and questionnaire score were not associated (p=0.96). Most patients were only moderately non-compliant i.e. 80% reported occasional non-compliance with 1 to 3 aspects of lens care.

CONCLUSIONS. Relatively high rates of non-compliance were reported. The assumption may be that these are even higher than reported. There was a higher prevalence of inflammatory events for subjects reporting moderate to high non-compliance, emphasising the need to stress the importance of hygienic practises and compliance with care regimen. It may be useful to administer a questionnaire not only to assess their level of compliance as well as to indicate their general attitude to compliance.


Year: 2001

Program Number: 1:40 pm

Author Affiliation: CRC for Eye Research & Technology, Uni of NSW

Co-Authors: Judith Stern, Nina Tahhan, Angela Kalliris, Deborah Sweeney

Co-Author Affiliation: CRC for Eye Research & Technology, Uni of NSW, CRC for Eye Research & Technology, Uni of NSW, CRC for Eye Research & Technology, Uni of NSW, CRC for Eye Research & Technology, Uni of NSW

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