Susan Marren


Post-pump syndrome is a systemic manifestation seen most commonly following coronary artery bypass surgery. It is caused by platelet injury secondary to plasma contact with the cardiopulmonary bypass machinery. Damaged platelets cause small emboli which course throughout the body causing short-lived infarcts in the smaller blood vessels in multiple organs including the eyes were the result is a retinopathy. Post-pump syndrome is well-reported in the cardiovascular literature but not the ophthalmologic literature. We report a case of post-pump syndrome retinopathy in a 56-year old black male who had previously undergone valve replacement surgery for endocarditis. Follow-up revealed a post-operative embolus which necessitated further evaluation by the cardiologist and cooperative care with the optometrist/ophthalmologist team at The Eye Institute. Sequential photographs document this rarely seen syndrome as well as the embolic complication.


Year: 1992

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