Christie Rose


PURPOSE. The Focus Dailies Progressives multifocal contact lens recently became available with an aspheric add based on the same design as the monthly Focus Progressives. Focus Dailies Progressives are manufactured in Nelfilcon-A (69%, type 2 material), while Focus Progressives are in Vilfilcon-A (55%, type 4 material). The purpose of the study is to determine if, despite these differences, the monthly Focus Progressives are a good predictor of the optimum Focus Dailies Progressives Rx. METHOD. Contact lens Rxs were updated for patients successfully wearing the Focus Progressives (FP) lenses. The hand-held ophthalmic trial lens over-refraction (OR) technique recommended in the Progressives fitting guide was used. This OR was repeated at 1-2 week follow-up to insure the optimum FP Rx. Next, Focus Dailies Progressives (FDP) in the same Rx were evaluated using the same OR techniques with the patients. The most appropriate FDP lenses were dispensed and the OR Procedure was repeated at follow-up to insure that the patient had the best Focus Dailies Progressives Rx. The optimum lens powers for each multifocal were compared for 21 eyes (11 patients).

RESULTS. There was no statistical difference between the optimum Rx power for the individual patient's Focus Progressives & the Focus Dailies Progressives lenses. The best Focus Progressives Rx was an outstanding predictor for the best Focus Dailies Progressives Rx regardless of the degree of presbyopia (+1.25 to +2.50 add) or refractive category (-4.25 to +3.75). This predictive value included patients requiring monocularly enhanced distance or near vision.

CONCLUSIONS. The optimum patient prescription for Focus Progressives multifocal lenses is a very accurate predictor of the best Focus Dailies Progressives multifocal Rx. Its use in refitting should minimize time and diagnostic lens changes.


Year: 2001

Program Number: Poster 18

Author Affiliation: Northeastern State University

Co-Authors: William Edmondson

Co-Author Affiliation: Northeastern State University

Room: Exhibit Hall C