Maria Gonzalez


BACKGROUND: Refractive surgery has become in the last twenty years an alternative to glasses or contact lenses for vision correction. However, some complications have been described as fluctuating vision or irregular astigmatism that in some cases only can be solved by fitting rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGPCL).
It is presented a case in which RGPCL where needed to fit after a queratoplasty was done to remove corneal opacities secondary to laser
refractive surgery.

CASE REPORT(S). RDM, male, 30 years of age. The first visit at the Contactology and Refractive Surgery Unit of IOBA is in April 2001. He wants to know if his visual acuity (VA) can be improved with contact lenses after having a queratoplasty in OD in April 2000.
Ocular history: Photorefractive queratectomy (PRK) both eyes (OU) in 1994. Refraction before PRK:-4.50 Dp OU. As a consequence of a myopic regression and haze presence, had a LASIK surgery on 1996 OU without any improvement in unaided VA. In April 2000 had a queratoplasty in OD because of the opacities in cornea and low VA obtained after the refractive surgery. Examination:
Unaided VA: OD: 0.05 OS: 0.9 Refraction:
OD: -7.00 esf.-5.00 cyl 70ş VA: 0.5 OS: +0.25 VA: 1.0 Topography: OD: irregular astigmatism subsequent to queratoplasty. OS: myopic ablation.
Slit lamp evaluation: Posterior blepharitis OU.
Corneal scars secondary to queratoplasty in OD.
Limbal hyperemia in inferior part OD. Slight haze in central cornea in OS. Contact lens fitting: a Polycon II spheric design was successfully fitted. VA with contact lens is 1.0 and patient comfort is good. CL is well centered and fluorescein pattern, although irregular, shows a good tear film interchange.

CONCLUSIONS. RPG contact lens fitting has demonstrated to be in this case the best option to correct irregular astigmatism secondary to refractive surgery/ queratoplasty and to improve VA.


Year: 2001

Program Number: Poster 142

Author Affiliation: University of Valladolid

Co-Authors: Isabel Arranz, Begoña Coco, Ruben Cuadrado

Co-Author Affiliation: University of Valladolid, University of Valladolid, University of Valladolid

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