Sickle Cell Maculopathy

Douglas Hansen


A 21-year-old black female with sickle cell disease presented complaining of sudden decreased vision in the right eye of two weeks duration. Examination revealed a large salmon-patch hemorrhage in the macula of the right eye. This allowed the photodocumentation of the evolution and resolution of this lesion over a six-month period. The vision and clinical picture returned to normal. Sickle cell retinopathy may present either in a proliferative or non-proliferative form. Proliferative disease represents neovascular growth. Non-proliferative disease can include black, "sunburst" lesions, salmon-patch hemorrhages and retinal vessel tortuosity. This photo essay, "sickle cell maculopathy," illustrates a macular finding reported only one time in the literature. The poster also reviews the more typical ocular findings seen in sickle cell disease.


Year: 1992

Program Number: Poster 39

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Co-Authors: Brian Den Beste

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Room: Great Hall