Study of Vertical Movement with a New Videooculograph Device (GazeLab)

Assia Boulezazen



Fixation disparity is a misalignment of visual axes when a person stares and merges with a binocular vision; its implementation and its measurement in an objective way requiring a device with high accuracy that allows the recording of eye movements without integrating the dissociating filter. The main aim of this study is to show the ability of Gazelab in the eye motility analysis causing a vertical fixation disparity with a 2 diopters prism in the right eye and in the left eye.


We conducted a study with a sample of three patients between March and June 2018, we started with a conventional optometric assessment to know if there were any visual impairment and to find out the dominant and non-dominant eye. In this study, we used the latest generation hardware and software of the Gazelab oculographic system.


Gazelab provides eye movements recordings that allow an accurate assessment of fixation disparity obtained in each studied case. We notice clearly a difference of vergence reaction movement in the dominant vs non-dominant eye (P = 0. 004 t=4.38


This kind of high technology all in one device can help and provides us such a great precision level in strabismology in general and in the assessment of visual axes balance in different gaze positions.


Year: 2019

Program Number: 195501

Resource Type: Scientific Presentation: Poster first choice, Paper second

Author Affiliation: Oran 1 university

Co-Authors: El Amine Kahouadji; OUZZANI MHAMED; oran university; Fatiha Kail

Co-Author Affiliation: n/a

Room: WE2