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ABSTRACT: Purpose: Visionet is the name of the extensive vision/eyecare database developed and maintained by the Southern College of Optometry Library. The SCO Library has extensive holdings of books, journals, and other materials that make it one of the nation's foremost visual science
libraries. The purpose of this poster is to introduce Visionet and explain how practitioners may access the database on the Internet.
Background: Vision care practitioners are often in need of obtaining current information about a particular condition, its diagnosis, and its management. With advances in health care, information changes rapidly. Within a few years the management of a condition may have changed dramatically from what was taught in optometry or medical school. The performance of evidence-based clinical care and complex clinical decision making require use of the best available information. Practitioners need an information source that is extensive, current, user-friendly and easily accessible. Vision scientists have similar requirements for a vision-related database.
Description: Visionet subject topic areas include vision science, contact lenses, eye disease, optometry and ophthalmology. The files were begun in 1976 and are current, with weekly updates. No abstracts or full text articles are available online, but most may be ordered from the SCO Library. Book and slide records are for information only and cannot be provided by the SCO Library.
Searches: For individuals there are no charges for using the system unless full records are viewed in one of the journal article databases. If you view one full record or more in a journal article database, you will be charged a nominal fee for the session. A session lasts from login to logout. This fee will be charged to your credit card. Fees for institutions, companies, and other services may be found at the Visionet Web site.
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Year: 2001

Program Number: Poster 37

Author Affiliation: Southern College of Optometry

Co-Authors: Nancy Gatlin

Co-Author Affiliation: Southern College of Optometry

Room: Exhibit Hall C