A Message from the FDR SIG Steering Committee

Published November 7, 2017

Hello FDR members,

Thanks so much for a great meeting in Chicago! We had many successful events. Our Tuesday Salon was a big hit with new groups forming and previous groups working together! Our booth with the Glaucoma Section was a big hit tipping over 200 people “bottom’s up!"

If you’re thinking "I’m sad its over, I want to see the FDR team again," you’re in luck!!!
Our next big event is our biennial training retreat! It will be March 16-18 in Atlanta, GA. Groups are invited to apply to begin work on a research project. We are looking for groups of 3- 5 Fellows to put in applications for observational or cross sectional projects.

The strongest applications are Fellows who don't work together and also include some Fellows who are in clinical practice. These are suggestions and not rigid rules. The applications are due mid December and groups will be notified in January. We will also begin taking applications for next year’s booth soon and its okay for the booth team to also be a training retreat team!

The retreat will be paid for by FDR for its on site expenses (hotel and food etc). A stipend will be provided for flights once we know what all the expenses will be. We will cover as much as we are able to.

If you have questions please contact Wendy Harrison wwharris@central.uh.edu or anyone on the FDR steering committee listed below.

Thank you!

Wendy Harrison 
Justin Kwan 
Robin Chalmers 
Peter Bergenske 
Barbara Caffery 
Danielle Leong 
Len Messner 
Andrew Pucker 
Ron Watanabe

FDR SIG Training Retreat Application - 2018