Congratulations to the PHEV FDR Exhibit Booth Submission Group!

Published February 27, 2018

The Public Health and Environmental Vision Section’s submission for the 2018 Fellows Doing Research (FDR) SIG Exhibit Hall booth project was accepted. The topic was: accuracy, precision, and user-acceptability of self-monitoring IOP with Icare HOME among eye care professionals. This year was the most competitive year yet for number of applications. The booth steering committee consists of Ruth Hyatt (Team Leader), Nadine Furtado (Booth Leader), Darcy Eberle (Survey Development), Katherine Jensen (Volunteer Recruitment), and Timothy Tsang (Writing Captain). Ruth and Nadine are attending the FDR SIG Retreat in Atlanta in March to develop the project further. Please email Ruth ( if you are interested in participating.
Debbie Hettler, OD, MPH, FAAO
PHEV Diplomate Section Chair