Coming Soon! Flom Leadership Course Series

Published July 1, 2021

The Academy's leadership program is expanding in 2021-22 to provide additional content and to encourage engagement with emerging leaders in the profession. Every optometrist is a leader, whether it is leading their staff, associates, students, the community, or the profession. This new and innovative series will be available exclusively to Fellows and Candidates for Fellowship.
This eight module online virtual leadership course –kicking off with a live course during Academy 2021 Boston and culminating with a celebratory event during Academy 2022 San Diego –will be presented by several of the most highly respected leaders in the profession. Individuals who complete this course will receive a certificate of completion and will be considered for leadership roles within the American Academy of Optometry.
The Flom Leadership Course Series begins on Wednesday, November 3 from 1 to 4 PM EST during Academy 2021 Boston. Shortly after this meeting, the eight module virtual course will begin and feature the following topics:
  • Principles of Effective Leadership
  • How to Pursue Leadership Roles in Optometry
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • How to Write for Publication
  • Being an Effective Mentor
  • How to Run a Successful Meeting
  • Effective Conflict Resolution
  • Understanding and Embracing Diversity
Speakers will include Drs. Ed Bennett, Linda Casser, Kyle Cheatham, Sally Dillehay, Mika Moy, Tom Quinn, Muriel Schornack, Ruth Shoge, Jeff Walline, and Rick Weisbarth, who will be joined by a number of co-instructors and contributing faculty for the interactive small group emphasis of these sessions.
The application window to participate in the inaugural Flom Leadership Course series will be open from July 7 to August 23, 5 PM EST. This year round program will be $195 for those accepted.