President's Calling - Let's Get Ready to Shake, Rattle & Roll in San Diego!

Published April 5, 2022

Let's Get Ready to Shake, Rattle & Roll in San Diego!

Dear Academy membership, 
In thinking about the Centennial, how does an organization appropriately pay homage to a rich, robust 100-year history? How do we encapsulate a lifetime of optometric achievements into a four-day meeting? We begin with the formation of the American Academy of Optometry’s Hall of Fame to recognize and honor those who have played an integral role in the Academy’s growth and success. The first 100 inductees will be honored, recognized, and prominently featured at this year’s meeting, and during the next seven months we will share a few of their names each month.
Onsite, we’ll also feature an Academy timeline. Beginning in 1922, this linear portrayal of the Academy’s history will walk attendees through the decades in which countless advances in optometric diagnoses, treatment and management options, technological developments, medicines, and research projects have been realized. The timeline will feature pivotal points in society that have impacted our everyday lives, and it will showcase the Hall of Fame leaders who have been instrumental to the success of the Academy all these years.
A celebration would not be complete without one fantastic party! Friday night, we will have our “Let’s Dance and Deal” Centennial birthday bash – and you will not want to miss it! Be sure to mark your calendars and save the date for Friday, October 28, 8:30 – 11:30 PM (timing is subject to change, so be sure to check the event schedule as we get closer).
As our evening kicks off, we’re going to dance through the decades with a one-of-a-kind dance performance, complete with a live band. Following the performance, you will be able to enjoy the band for the remainder of the evening and shake a tail-feather on the dance floor. If dancing isn’t your thing, you’ll be able to roll dice and shoot craps at our casino tables (fake money only, we’re just here to have a good time).
Drink tickets and heavy appetizers will be provided for the duration of the party – and of course, there will be cake! All of this is included in the cost of registration, which opens in May, and you’ll need to ensure you RSVP your attendance when prompted at time of registration.
As we’re working on developing various materials for the meeting, we could use your help. If you have pictures from previous Academy meetings, former and current leaders, and/or equipment throughout the decades, we welcome copies for possible use and inclusion. Please upload them to theCentennial folder. Also ensure you label the photo(s) as such: Year_Subject_Full Names(LtoR)_PhotobyYourName_YourEmailAddress. (Example: 1997_IllinoisAlumReception_TimMcMahon_PhotobySueCotter_Email)
Now, it is my pleasure to introduce the first of our inaugural 100 Hall of Fame inductees. We honor them for their significant contributions to our profession and role in building today’s American Academy of Optometry.
J. Fred Andreae
Frank Brazelton
Garland Clay
Harold Fisher
Edward Fisher
Lawrence Fitch
Gordon Heath
Monroe Hirsch
Donald Kratz

Glenn Fry
Brien Holden
Rodger Kame
Carel Koch
George Mertz
Henry Peters
Robert Tubesing
Arthur Wheelock
Ralph Wick
I look forward to seeing you in San Diego.
Timothy McMahon, OD, FAAO