The American Academy of Optometry Foundation is pleased to launch registration for the first of six new programs, the Clinical Investigator Certification (CIC) Program.
Clinical Fellows are uniquely positioned to recognize key areas of eye care which require further development or investigation. Many potential collaborative partners, such as academic and industry researchers are searching for this insight. Become an Academy certified Clinical Investigator and learn the skills required to conduct rigorous sponsored, clinical trials within your current practice setting.
This eight week program, beginning Tuesday, March 30, is only open to Fellows and will cover the following learning objectives:
  • Understand the responsibilities of an investigator conducting a clinical trial
  • Understand the basic concepts of clinical trial design (three sessions)
  • Understand the concepts related to human subject research (two sessions)
  • Review basics in statistics specific to clinical trials, and learn how to avoid data bias and error
  • Understand the administrative/management aspects of research

Course Timeline

The specific curriculum schedule is as follows (all courses are held on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. EST):

Week 1: March 30, Pearls on Getting Involved in Clinical Research

Week 2: April 6, Basic Concepts of Clinical Trial Design Part I

Week 3: April 13, Basic Concepts of Clinical Trial Design Part II

Week 4: April 20, Basic Concepts of Clinical Trial Design Part III

Week 5: May 11, Concepts Related to Human Subjects Part I

Week 6: May 18, Concepts Related to Human Subjects Part II

Week 7: May 25, Avoiding Data Bias and Error; Statistics Specifics to Clinical Trials

Week 8: June 1, Administrative/Management Aspects of Research

If you're interested in applying, click on "Apply Now" in the left sidebar. Applications will be reviewed by the task force for final selection. If accepted into the program, participants will complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program prior to beginning the course. The course fee is $250 and scholarships are available.
Each virtual class of up to twenty-five participants will be an hour and a half long with one hour of instruction and a half hour of break-outs. The break-out session centers around a pre-class quiz and post-class quiz discussion.
Upon completion of the course, each graduate receives a CIC binder with the curriculum content, as well as a certificate of completion.

Click the logo to view the introduction video. Happy viewing! 

The application window is open from Wednesday, February 17 to Friday, March 12.