The AAOF President’s Circle was established in 1997 to recognize donors who contribute gifts of $10,000 or more. Since its inception, the President’s Circle has grown to include over 175 individuals and corporations. We are grateful to the individuals and corporations whose support sustains the mission of the Foundation.

Contributions can be in the form of a one-time gift, planned gift, or a long-term pledge and can be restricted to a specific fund. If you are interested in becoming a member of the prestigious President's Circle, please contact Maureen Dimont, Director, Development at

*denotes new member to the giving level/ (d) denotes member is deceased

Visionary Circle

(gift or pledge of $1,000,000 and up) 

Essilor of America
Johnson & Johnson Vision

Pioneer Circle

(gift or pledge of $500,000 - $999,999)

Carl Zeiss Vision
Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Founder's Circle

(gift or pledge of $100,000 - $499,999) 

Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO)
The Alcon Foundation
The Allergan Foundation
Bausch + Lomb
Irvin M. (d) and Beatrice Borish (d)

Michael G. Harris
William R. Jackson, Jr. Estate (d)
George (d) and Jill (d) Mertz

Joseph and Linda Molinari
Fredric M. (d) and Marion Rosemore
John Schoen Estate (d)


President's Circle Diamond

(gift or pledge of $75,000 - $99,000)

Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK)
Bert C. and Lydia M. Corwin*
Joan Exford and Don Korb
Karla and Kurt Zadnik

President's Circle Platinum

(gift or pledge of $50,000 - $74,999)

Mark A. Bullimore and Beverly Williams Amico*
David and Alyse Kirschen*
Howard Purcell*
Jeffrey J. Walline

President's Circle Gold

(gift or pledge of $20,000 - $49,999)

Tony and Elna Adams
Ian and Valerie Bailey
Melissa Bailey
Baycross Christian Family Foundation
Brett and Robin Bence
Peter Bergenske and Cheryl Bruce
Barbara Caffery
Stephen and Doris Sze Chun*
Rachel Anastasia "Stacey" Coulter
Sally Dillehay
Mark and Susan Eger
John G. Flanagan and 
Kathy Dumbleton

Sandy Ghormley
Sidney Greenberg
Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy and
Robert Portnoy
Richard M. Hill
Roberta Hopkins
Joshua Josephson
Pete and Elli Kollbaum
Jerome A. Legerton*
Gerald and Andrya Lowther
Ruth E. Manny
Timothy and Kay McMahon
Martha Rosemore Morrow 
Donald Mutti

Optometric Glaucoma Society
Gil Pierce*
Eric Ritchey and Moriah Chandler
Lois Schoenbrun
Jim Sheedy
Earl L. Smith III and Janice Wensveen
Cristina Schnider and Mal Patton*
Sarita and Ashok Soni
Rod Tahran
Vision Impact Institute
Richard Weisbarth
Joe and Cheryl Yager 


President's Circle 

(gift or pledge of $10,000 - $19,999)

Cathie and John Amos
Heather and Gary Anderson
Juan Carlos Aragon
Neal Bailey
Joseph and Janet Barr
Sherry J. Bass
Douglas P. and Kimberly Benoit
David and Monique Berntsen
Sandra S. Block*
Marc Bloomenstein
Joseph Bonanno
Karen Brandreth
Col. Walter Brent (d) and Nancy Carr Brent
Wolfgang Cagnolati
Greg A. Caldwell*
Dori Carlson and Mark Helgeson
Janet Carter
Judith A. Clay (d) and Edward K. Walker (d) 
Jeffrey Cooper*
Susan Cooper
Susan Cotter and Lou Lipschultz
Pablo de Gracia*
Shaban Demirel
Bernard and Jane Dolan
Bradley Dougherty
Thomas Vincent Duchardt*
Barry Eiden
Farkas, Kassalow, Resnick & Associates
Merton (d) and Penelope Flom
Roanne Flom and Thomas Raasch
Walter Flom and Gail Fadenrecht
Murray Fingeret
Desmond and Anita Fonn
Brad Fortune and Ellen Lee
Thomas and Janice Freddo
Mary Lou French*
Charline A. Gauthier 
Brad and Kerry Giedd
Alan Glazier
Diane and Israel Goldberg

David and Diane Goss
Michel Guillon
Alden N. Haffner (d)
Wendy and Nathan Harrison
Andy and Tracy Hartwick
Cynthia Heard*
David Heath
John P. Herman
Casey L. Hogan*
Brien Holden (d)
Richard and Patricia Hopping
ISTA Pharmaceuticals
April Jasper
Chris and Debbie Johnson
Ann Laurenzi Jones
Lyndon and Debbie Jones
Charlotte E. Joslin-Ulanski and Larry J. Ulanski, II*
Millicent L. Knight*
Dennis Levi
Milton Levin
Brian Levy
Thomas Lewis
M&S Technologies, Inc
Rich Madonna
Jessica Mathew*
Robert B. Mandell
Jason and Kristina Marsack*
Richard E. Meetz
Mohinder M. Merchea
Pamela Joyce Larayne Miller
Michael Mittelman
Marla L. Moon*
Clarke Newman
Kelly and Jason Nichols
Tracy Nguyen and Suresh Viswanathan
The Gary Orsborn Family
Lisa Ostrin
Dennis P. Pardo
Stan and Lisa Peacock


Louis Phillips
Daniel Powell
Nicole Marie Putnam*
Thomas and Susan Quinn
Sam Quintero
Jeffery Rabin
Rachel Redfern Rump
Shilpa Register
Kathryn Richdale
Colleen Riley
Alfred (d) and Sarah Rosenbloom
Natalie Rosenbloom and Lowell Lebovitz
Nicholas Rumney
Robert P. Rutstein*
Dave G. Sattler*
A. Lee Scaief
Jack L Schaeffer and Family
Mitchell M. Scheiman*
Louise Sclafani*
Glenda Secor*
David and Laura Seibel
Valerie Sharpe
Jerome Sherman*
Joseph Shovlin
Chris Smiley
Carl and Katie Spear
Loretta B. Szczotka-Flynn
David Troilo
Michael Twa
Danne Ventura
Satya Verma*
Helen Viksnins
Barry A. Weissman
John Whitener
Timothy and Catherine Wiebe*
Mark Willcox
Stanley J. Yamane 

* denotes new member to the giving level/ (d) denotes member is deceased

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes the indviduals who have either informed us that the AOF is designated as a beneficiary of a bequest through their will or whose estate settled a gift to our organization.   

Tony and Elna Adams
Ian and Valerie Bailey
William (d) and Honey Baldwin
Brett and Robin Bence
Peter Bergenske and Cheryl Bruce
Irvin M. (d) and Beatrice (d) Borish
Mark A. Bullimore
Bert and Lydia Corwin
N. Rex (d) and Sandy Ghormley
Sidney Greenberg
Michael G. Harris
William Reginald Jackson, Jr. Estate

Detleff and Lila Jans Estate
Helen Langhoff Estate
Gerald and Andrya Lowther
Jill Mertz
Joseph Molinari
Martha Rosemore Morrow
Stuart Richer
Fredric and Marion Rosemore
Rose Salierno
John Schoen (d)
Sarita and Ashok Soni
Lawrence S. Thal
Joe Yager
Anonymous Donor