Glenn A. Fry Lecture Award

History and Purpose

The Glenn A. Fry Lecture Award (established in 1970) is sponsored by the American Academy of Optometry Foundation. The recipient need not be a Fellow of the Academy nor an optometrist. The recipient will present a special lecture at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Optometry on his or her current research contributions. It is also expected that the recipient will submit a manuscript on that topic to Optometry and Vision Science.


The award is given annually to a distinguished scientist or clinician scientist in recognition of the quality, significance, impact, and relevance to optometry of his or her current research contributions. Fulfilling these criteria requires that the nominee be at the mid-career stage, meaning that current accomplishments are worthy of the award and the nominee is highly likely to continue to make significant contributions to his or her field. 


The submission window closes April 1, 2021

  1. A letter of nomination from an Academy Fellow, explaining why the nominee is particularly deserving of the award for which the nomination has been made.

  2. A copy of the CV of the nominee.

  3. A letter seconding the nomination from another Academy Fellow

These three items should be emailed to


2021: Konrad Pesudovs
2020: Donald T. Miller
2019: Susan A.Cotter
2018: Fiona Stapleton
2017: Mitchell Scheiman
2016: Erica Fletcher
2015: Joanne Wood
2014: Lyndon Jones
2013: David B. Elliott
2012: Susana T.L. Chung
2011: David Atchison
2010: Nathan Efron
2009: Austin Roorda
2008: Laura Frishman
2007: Christine Wildsoet
2006: Donald O. Mutti
2005: Suzanne M.J. Fleiszig
2004: John G. Flanagan
2003: Gunilla Haegerstrom-Portnoy
2002: Raymond A. Applegate
2001: Eli Peli
2000: Joseph Bonanno
1999: Harold E. Bedell
1998: John V. Lovasik
1997: Larry N. Thibos
1996: Earl L. Smith, III
1995: Karla Zadnik
1994: Chris A. Johnson
1993: Cynthia Owsley
1992: Thomas F. Freddo
1991: Arthur Bradley
1990: Gordon E. Legge
1989: Kenneth J. Ciuffreda
1988: Brien A. Holden
1987: Dennis M. Levi
1986: Ian L. Bailey
1985: Clifton M. Schor
1984: Jacob G. Sivak
1983: Richard M. Hill
1982: Davida Y. Teller
1981: Carl Kupfer
1980: Ronald S. Harwerth
1979: Gilbert D. McCann
1978: Richard Held
1977: Donald G. Pitts
1976: Robert E. Marc
1975: Geoffrey H. Henry
1974: No Award Given
1973: Penelope K. Flom
1972: Elwin Marg
1971: Jay M. Enoch
1970: Anthony J. Adams
1969: Arthur J. Afanador

Photo Credit: National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health (NEI/NIH)

Konrad Pesudovs, OD, PhD, FAAO