The Julius F. Neumueller Award in Optics is awarded to a nominee who submits a first-authored original research paper (research conducted while a student pursuing the Doctor of Optometry degree in a school or college of optometry) on one of the following topics: Geometrical Optics; Physical Optics; Ophthalmic Optics; Optics of the Eye. Acceptable topics include modern measurement of aberrations and their correction, optical quality of the eye, optical limits to visual performance, or diagnosis and treatment of a range of optically relevant ocular conditions (e.g. corneal surgery, contact lenses, and refractive error). The paper should be of publishable quality if currently unpublished, but may be already published or under review. The paper must reflect research performed while the student was pursuing the Doctor of Optometry degree.

Nomination Procedures

The nomination window opens February 1, 2018 and closes April 1, 2018.

Nominations should be made by the student’s advisor. Nominations should include the first-authored student paper and a letter of recommendation from the advisor describing the student’s role in conducting the research and the writing of the manuscript. There is no limit on the number of nominations from each school or college of optometry. It is expected that the recipient will submit any unpublished manuscript to Optometry and Vision Science. The award is $750 for the primary author to travel to attend the annual meeting. If other authors, other than the first author, were also pursuing the Doctor of Optometry degree while conducting the research, multiple awardees may divide a total travel award of $1,500.

Nominations should be emailed to Helen Viksnins at HelenV@aaoptom.org or mailed to:

The Julius F. Neumueller Award in Optics
c/o American Academy of Optometry
2909 Fairgreen Street Orlando, FL 32803


2017 Laura Goldberg

Celia R Gong

2016 Kelly E. Moore

2015 Rachel Knowlton

2014 Not Awarded

2013 Krystal L. Schulle

2012 Kenneth Headington  

2011 Not Awarded

2010 Not Awarded

2009 Not Awarded

2008 Bret Lehman

2007 Not Awarded

2006 Nina Tran

Sara Chiu

2005 Douglas F. Lee

2004 Mark Kahrhoff

2003 Joy Martin

2002 Brady Rembleski

Tania Gardiner

2001 Gregory Patek

Rahul Keswani

2000 Joseph Rappon

1999 Rick Wong

Brian Chou

1998 Marie-Pierre Paquin

1997 Mark P. Borsuk

Cary Tseng

1996 George A. Zikos

1995 Blake Bullock

1994 Nicolas Fontaine

1993 Anhlinh Nguyen

1992 Randall L. Phillips

1991 Alex Kim

Sherry Pham

1990 Gregg E. Russell

1989 M. Anne Wilson

1987 Frank E. Miller

Bradley G. Smith

Ray J. Weekly

1986 Susan M. Brunnett  

Mitchell T. Munson

1985 Donald Ferro

Rene F. Strumwasser

1983 Randall A. Faunce

1982 David C. Moline

1981 Marcie E. Arnesty

Patsy L. Harvey

1978 Lary M. DeDonato

Thomas C. Sather

1977 Steven A. Wood

1976 David N. Schultz

1975 Bob G. Gilman

1974 Paul J. Wilson

1973 Donald Wright

1972 Kerry A. Horner

1971 David Fox

Peter M. Smith


L. Goldberg
Laura A. Goldberg, OD, MS

Celia R Gong, OD