Strategic Plan


In November 2018, Past President Dr. Barbara Caffery called upon the Board of Directors to think strategically and creatively about the Academy’s future. It became clear that the time had come to look at our past, critically assess our present, and decide on our future. This deliberation resulted in the launch of a strategic planning process in January 2019. Over eight months, the Strategic Planning Committee met regularly to discuss issues critical to the future of the Academy and were active leaders in the development of the Strategic Plan. The process began with the formation of six Working Groups with diverse representation from members and key stakeholders. After much deliberation, the committee met in April 2019, and the Board approved the final Strategic Plan in August 2019.

The Strategic Plan centers on five core Strategic Pillars and related goals: Education, Research, Membership, Leadership and Legacy, and Strategic Partnerships. To learn more about each Pillar, click on the video links below. 

Key outcomes of the Plan include: 

  • Enhanced, innovative in-person and online continuing education; 
  • Vision scientists and clinical Fellows engaged throughout the year in exciting new opportunities like think tanks, Cochrane Reviews, and a clinical research training program; 
  • A larger, more active membership that reflects the optometric profession and the population it serves; 
  • Identifying and cultivating 100 new Leaders to celebrate the Academy’s legacy of 100 years of leadership in optometry; and 
  • Solid strategic partnerships inside and outside of eye care organizations, including a strengthened relationship with the American Academy of Optometry Foundation to advance our shared vision.

Fulfilling our vision, mission, and the goals outlined in this Strategic Plan will require working collaboratively within and across the Academy and with key stakeholders. We have developed an implementation plan and accountability framework to guide this work and ensure the successful execution of the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Pillars 
- Education Pillar, Dr. Greg Nixon, Chair
- Leadership & Legacy Pillar,  Dr. Ed Bennett, Chair 
- Membership Pillar, Dr. Sherrol Reynolds, Chair 
- Partnerships Pillar,  Dr. David Damari, Chair  
- Research Pillar, Dr. Suresh Viswanathan, Chair