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September Issue

New migraine therapies may yield fewer side effects

Perspective: Debora M. Lee Chen, OD, MPH, FAAO

This update on migraine therapy showed that, for prevention, anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies and neuromodulation devices seem like promising treatments with similar efficacy and fewer side effects. Read more...

Further study needed to link Alzheimer's, glaucoma

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Brad Sutton, OD, FAAO
There may be a useful overlap in therapeutic modalities between patients with glaucoma and those with Alzheimer’s disease in which medications known to be effective in managing one of the diseases proves to also be effective in addressing the other. Read more...

Frequent falls in glaucoma patients loosely associated with balance, gait measures

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Kelly Malloy, OD, FAAO

While gait and balance problems are independent risk factors for falling, fall risk related to these problems was not disproportionately greater in patients with worse visual fields; however, this highlights a topic that should be brought up while talking to older patients with visual impairment. Read more...

RNFL thinning correlated to OSA severity

Perspective: Doug Rett, OD, FAAO

Because this study showed no significant changes in minimum rim widths between groups, it is important for the eye care specialist to remember that sleep apnea may have no correlation with glaucoma among the din of related symptoms. Read more...

Featured in OVS: Visuo-oculomotor function and reaction times in athletes with and without concussion

Compared with healthy controls, saccadic latency was the most sensitive oculomotor function to change after concussion and was reliable over time. – Cochrane GD, Christy JB, Almutairi APT, Busettini C, Swanson MW, Weise KK. – Read more...
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