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July Issue

Ivermectin-metronidazole therapy successful in treating blepharitis

Perspective: Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO

For cases not responding to traditional tea tree oil, this in-office treatment and potentially at-home treatment was safe and effective in reducing Demodex numbers among patients presenting with cylindrical dandruff. Read more...

Intense pulsed light, gland expression may reduce dry eye symptoms

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Doug Rett, OD, FAAO
The comparison in this study found that IPL combined with MGX yields better clinical improvement than warm compresses combined with MGX, which may have clinical uses in eye care as IPL is being used more frequently. Read more...

Sustained gazing causes decline in visual function of dry eye patients

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Jeffrey Varanelli, OD, FAAO

Patients with dry eye experienced a significant decrease in reading speed compared with control patients; alterations in the tear film ultimately led to an increase in corneal staining, resulting in the negative impact on visual performance. Read more...

Short-term OSD treatment may not alter glaucoma patients’ regimen

Perspective: Ellen Shorter, OD, FAAO

In addition to limiting preservative toxicity when possible, simple adjustments such as incorporating oral doxycycline, omega-3 and flaxseed oil can be made to improve both clinical signs and symptoms by addressing co-existent OSD. Read more...

Featured in OVS: A pragmatic approach to dry eye diagnosis, evidence in practice

Based on studies that have shown potential to improve the translation of research evidence into optometric practice behaviors, this review describes an evidence-based, pragmatic approach to the contemporary clinical diagnosis of dry eye disease and guide for best practice in patient care. – Downie LE, Keller PR Read more...
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