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May Issue

Toric IOLs improve astigmatism after myopic hyperopic laser surgery

Perspective: Sondra Black, OD, FAAO

As most patients with previous refractive laser surgery had less than 0.5 D residual astigmatism after toric IOL implantation, this treatment option should be offered to postrefractive patients who wish to reduce their dependence on glasses. Read more...

MGD leads to different dry eye symptoms after cataract surgery

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Catherine Hogan, OD, FAAO
Prior to cataract surgery referral, optometrists should assess ocular surface integrity — including meibomian gland structure, meibum expression and meibum quality — and educate patients with meibomian gland dysfunction on their condition and treatment options. Read more...

Cornea guttata linked to transplant after phaco

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Kyle Sandberg, OD, FAAO

While the overall likelihood for corneal transplantation in all cohorts after phacoemulsification is still exceedingly low, the nearly 70% increased risk among patients with corneal guttata should be reflected in preop patient education. Read more...

Phaco reduces IOP regardless of diabetes

Perspective: Brad Sutton, OD, FAAO

The corneas of patients with and without diabetes appear to react very similarly to cataract surgery, as IOP and corneal resistance factor were significantly lower postoperatively in both groups, and corneal hysteresis values eventually recovered in those with diabetes. Read more...

Featured in OVS:Spectral evaluation of eyeglass blocking efficiency of ultraviolet/high-energy visible blue light for ocular protection

Researchers found that the varying efficiency of ultraviolet and high-energy violet light-filtering sunglasses and clear lenses did not correlate with price or advertised claims. Based on the results, they recommend a standardization of methods and specifications for lens spectral transmission evaluation. – Giannos SA, Kraft ER, Lyons LJ, Gupta PK Read more...
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