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September Issue

Spectral domain OCT may determine Alzheimer's biomarkers

Perspective: Mark Wu, OD, FAAO

Current understanding of Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis does not provide a clear explanation of the cause of reduced macular thickness and volume in these patients when the disease is considered to be cortical in origin. Read more...

Chronic exposure to hypoxia causes corneal thinning in patients with hemifacial spasm

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Kelly Malloy, OD, FAAO
These findings may have clinical significance as applied to refractive surgery, contact lens fitting and intraocular lens calculations in HFS patients. Read more...

OCT may indicate neurological changes in patients with frequent head trauma

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Brad Sutton, OD, FAAO

While this preliminary research is interesting, the jury is still out, and further work is needed. Read more...

OCT-GCC more sensitive at detecting chiasmal compression

Perspective: Jarett A. Mazzarella, OD, FAAO

In current practice, a combination of neuroimaging, clinical examination and ancillary testing including automated perimetry, OCT-RNFL and OCT-GCC may best evaluate visual compromise in patients with compressive chiasmal lesions.. Read more...

Featured in OVS: Visual deficits and dysfunctions associated with traumatic brain injury

This study demonstrates that accommodative dysfunction, convergence insufficiency and visual field loss are common sequelae of TBI. – Merezhinskaya N, Mallia RK, Park D, Bryden DW, Mathur K, Barker FM Read more...
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