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December Issue - Best of 2020

Study identifies most effective concentration of atropine for myopia control

Perspective: Erin Jenewein, OD, MS, FAAO

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Sustained gazing causes decline in visual function of dry eye patients

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Jeffrey Varanelli, OD, FAAO
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Ivermectin-metronidazole therapy successful in treating blepharitis

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Justin Kwan, OD, FAAO

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Intense pulsed light, gland expression may reduce dry eye symptoms

Perspective: Doug Rett, OD, FAAO

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Featured in OVS: Vision screening for children 36 to < 72 months: Recommended practices

For best practice, the National Expert Panel recommends screening children aged 36 to younger than 72 months annually or, as an accepted minimum standard, screening at least once using one of the best practice approaches. – Cotter SA, Cyert LA, Miller JM, Quinn GE  Read more...

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