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November Issue

Statin therapy linked to decreased risk of diabetic retinopathy

Perspective: Harry Green, OD, PhD, FAAO

Further investigation is needed before clinicians can be confident in the utility of statins as adjunct therapy for type 2 diabetes. Read more...

HbA1c a major risk factor in retinopathy progression

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Kyle Sandberg, OD, FAAO
This study also highlights other important factors that should influence the clinical evaluation of our type 1 diabetics, including blood pressure, albumin excretion rates and cholesterol levels. Read more...

Patients with diabetes seldom need treatment 2 years after uneventful retinal screening

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Mark Swanson, OD, FAAO

Multiple studies show for those with no or minimal retinopathy the risk is low, regardless of screening method. Read more...

OCT changes minimally related to visual acuity variation

Perspective: Jarett A. Mazzarella, OD, FAAO

The clinical take-home from this study is that SD-OCT central subfield thickness changes are not a reliable surrogate for visual outcomes after anti-VEGF therapy for diabetic macular edema. Read more...

Featured in OVS: Arteriole tortuosity associated with diabetic retinopathy and cholesterol

Earlier identification of diabetic eye disease is an important research effort. Retinopathy is widely acknowledged, but retinal vessel changes are not evaluated as stringently. This model shows an association between vessel changes, diabetic retinopathy and systemic cholesterol levels, indicating that patients with retinal vessel tortuosity may warrant further follow-up on health factors, such as cholesterol levels. – Weiler DL, Engelke CB, Moore AL, Harrison WW Read more...
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