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October Issue

Increased vitamin, mineral intake may hinder late AMD progression

Perspective: Carolyn E. Majcher, OD, FAAO

Diet is one of the few modifiable AMD risk factors, and this study underscores the importance of counseling patients on diet modification and reducing intake of saturated and monosaturated fats. Read more...

OSA increases risk for central serous chorioretinopathy

Kelly Malloy
Perspective: Alicia Donahue, OD, FAAO
This study identifies an important opportunity to help diagnose OSA as well as recognize it as a potential risk factor for CSC development, especially for men age 40 to 59 years. Read more...

Increased blood pressure found in patients with BRVO

Brad Sutton
Perspective: Steven Ferrucci, OD, FAAO

As clinicians, if we are referring a patient with a branch retinal vein occlusion to primary care for evaluation of their systemic risk factors, blood pressure variability should be noted. Read more...

Study: Evaluate young patients with NAION for optic disc drusen

Perspective: Heather Jones, OD, FAAO

These results suggest that we should routinely use EDI-OCT to look for optic disc drusen in younger patients with acute optic neuropathy, even in the setting of acute disc swelling. Read more...

Featured in OVS: Fundus autofluorescence in age-related macular degeneration

Fundus autofluorescence imaging provides detailed insight into the health of the retinal pigment epithelium and represents a rapid, effective, noninvasive method to evaluate age-related macular degeneration. – Ly A, Nivison-Smith L, Assaad N, Kalloniatis M. – Read more...
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