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April Issue

Coming in the April 2019 issue of Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights. The online copy will be available in early April.
Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


OVS18329 synopsis image

Comparison of Wavefront-guided and Best Conventional Scleral Lenses after Habituation in Eyes with Corneal Ectasia

Gareth D. Hastings, Raymond A. Applegate, Lan Chi Nguyen, Matthew J. Kauffman, Roxana T. Hemmati, and Jason D. Marsack
This study compares visual performance with a wavefront-guided scleral contact lens to the optimal conventional scleral lens fit. The investigators found that after habituation to the lenses, wavefront-guided scleral contact lenses had superior visual performance. 
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Optical Quality and Intraocular Scattering in the Diabetic Eye without Diabetic Retinopathy

Jianting Liu, Xiaogang Wang, Jinfeng Wang, and Haike Guo
The authors of this pilot study report impaired optical quality in diabetic patients (e.g. intraocular light scattering) even before there are clinical signs of diabetic retinopathy. 
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Visuo-oculomotor Function and Reaction Times in Athletes with and without Concussion

Graham Dean Cochrane, Jennifer B. Christy, Anwar Almutairi, Claudio Busettini, Mark W. Swanson, and Katherine K. Weise
Clinical assessments of visuo-oculomotor function and reaction times following concussion can be unreliable, time consuming and expensive. Our authors found that saccadic latency was the most sensitive and reliable measure of altered oculomotor function following concussion.  
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Central Macular Thickness in Diabetic Patients: A Sex-based Analysis of Central Macular Thickness

Edmund Arthur, Stuart B. Young, Ann E. Elsner, Karthikeyan Baskaran, Joel A. Papay, Matthew S. Muller, Thomas J. Gast, Bryan P. Haggerty, Christopher A. Clark, Victor E. Malinovsky, Shane G. Brahm, Taras V. Litvin, Glen Y. Ozawa, and Jorge A. Cuadros
The authors of this study report an association between sex and the severity of clinically significant diabetic macular edema, whereby males had more severe pathology. 
OVS18096 synopsis image

Effect of Outdoor Activities in Myopia Control: Meta-analysis of Clinical Studies

Li Deng and Yi Pang
Outdoor activities have been repeatedly identified as protective for myopia and its progression. Results from this meta-analysis show that there is a slightly lower risk of myopia onset and myopic shift with outdoor activity. 
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Relationship between Visual Acuity, Subjective Vision and Willingness to Purchase Simultaneous-image Contact Lenses 

Monica Jong, Daniel Tilia, Jennifer Sha, Jennie Diec, Varghese Thomas, and Ravi C. Bakaraju
Clinical measurements of visual acuity may not be the most important factor in a patient's decision to purchase simultaneous image contact lenses. Our authors found that subjective vision ratings were a better indicator of overall lens performance and their final purchase preferences. 
OVS18248 synopsis image reformattedKAZ

Small Text on Product Labels Poses a Special Challenge for Emerging Presbyopes

Renfeng Xu, Erika Chelales, Martin Rickert, Rachel Muessel, Dawn Meyer, Larry N. Thibos, Arthur Bradley, and Pete Kollbaum
Reading small text is challenging for emerging presbyopes. This study analyzes the visual demands related to reading non-prescription drug package labeling by unaided emmetropes with emerging presbyopia. 
OVS17441 synopsis image

Spectacle Coverage among Urban School Children with Refractive Error Provided Subsidized Spectacles in North India

 Vivek Gupta, Rohit Saxena, Praveen Vashist, Amit Bhardwaj, R. M. Pandey, Radhika Tandon, and Vimla Menon

In developing countries poor compliance with spectacle use among school children is often a limitation of free spectacle distribution programs. The investigators describe their success with a subsidized program designed to effectively improve compliance. 
OVS18098 synopsis image

Case Report: Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome Progression Documented by Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography

Jacob Hillard
Visualization of ectopic corneal endothelial cell membranes that are associated with iridocorneal endothelial (ICE) syndrome can be enhanced by using the anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT). This capability can improve the diagnosis and clinical management of this condition. 
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Case Series: Multi-modal Imaging Reveals the Spectrum of Pattern Dystrophies of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium

Emily Crane and Sherry Bass
Pattern dystrophies of the retinal pigment epithelium, often misdiagnosed as other macular conditions, were once considered rare retinal diseases. This case series illustrates how rare pattern dystrophies may be diagnosed and differentiated from other macular conditions using advanced multi-modal imaging techniques.