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December Issue

Coming in the December 2019 issue of Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights. The online copy will be available in early December.
Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


OVS18304 synopsis image reformattedKAZ

Exam Innovation: Transforming the NBEO's Clinical Skills Exam

Brianne Nicole Hobbs and Jill Bryant

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Case Report: Bilateral Horizontal Gaze Palsy (1+1 Syndrome): A Supranuclear Gaze Palsy

Christopher J. Borgman
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Community Health Centers: A Model for Integrating Eye Care Services with the Practice of Primary Care Medicine

Nancy A. McNamara and Kenneth A. Polse
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Psychometric Properties of an Indian Translation of the Vision-Related Activity Limitation Item Bank in Cataract

Vijaya K. Gothwal, Vani V. Muthineni, Jyoti Khadka, Ecosse L. Lamoureux, Konrad Pesudovs, and the Cataract Outcomes Study Group
OVS19072 synopsis image

Facial Asymmetry in Unilateral Duane's Retraction Syndrome

Mohamad Reza Akbari, Masoud Khorrami-Nejad, Mohamad Aghazadeh Amiri, Alireza Akbarzadeh Baghban, Bahram Khosravi, and Sima Nourizad
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Office-based Vergence and Accommodative Therapy for the Treatment of Intermittent Exotropia: A Pilot Study

Martin Ming-Leung Ma, Ying Kang, Mitchell Scheiman, and Xiang Chen
OVS18313 synopsis image

Total Protein Concentration and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha in Tears of Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

Nurul Hafizah Amil-Bangsa, Bariah Mohd Ali, Bashirah Ishak, Che Nurul Nabihah Abdul-Aziz, Nor Fariza Ngah, Hanizasurana Hashim, and Ahmad Rohi Ghazali

OVS18281 synopisis image

Contrast Energy and Contour Interaction

Harold E. Bedell, John Siderov, and Frantisek Pluháčekc