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October Issue

Coming in the October 2019 issue of Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights. The online copy will be available in early October.
Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


OVS18304 synopsis image reformattedKAZ

Veterans Affairs Low-Vision Intervention Trial (LOVIT) II: One-year Follow-up

Joan Stelmack, Charlene Tang, Yongliang Wei, Kenneth Rose, Rex Ballinger, Olga Whitman, Connie Chronister, Scott Sayers, and Robert Massof

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Validation of a Clinical Aberrometer Employing Pyramidal Wavefront Sensing

Neeraj Kumar Singh, Matt Jaskulski, Viswanathan Ramasubramanian, Dawn Meyer, Olivia Reed, Martin Rickert, Arthur Bradley, and Pete S. Kollbaum
OVS19055 synopsis image

Assessing the Validity of Measurements of Swept-source and Partial Coherence Interferometry Devices in Cataract Patients

Reza Ghaffari, Raziyeh Mahmoudzadeh, S. Saeed Mohammadi, Mirataollah Salabati, Golshan Latifi, and Hamed Ghassemi
OVS18366 synopsis image

Anterior Chamber Angle Evaluation Using Gonioscopy: Consistency and Agreement between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Jack Phu, Henrietta Wang, Sieu K. Khuu, Barbara Zangerl, Michael P. Hennessy, Katherine Masselos, and Michael Kalloniatis
OVS19072 synopsis image

Assessing Variability in Reading Performance with the New Greek Standardized Reading Speed Texts (IReST)

Angeliki Gleni, Emmanouil Ktistakis, Miltiadis K. Tsilimbaris, Panagiotis Simos, Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski, and Sotiris Plainis
OVS19121 synopsis image reformattedKAZ

Standardization of Reading Charts - A Review of Recent Developments

Wolfgang Radner
OVS18313 synopsis image

Topical Review: Retinally Induced Aniseikonia

Robert Rutstein and Debra Currie

OVS18281 synopisis image

Topical Review: Effects of Contact Lens Wear on Corneal, Conjunctival and Lid Margin Sensitivity

Fiona Stapleton, Cecilia Chao, and Blanka Golebiowski
OVS18311 synopsis image

Case Series: Slight Intraocular Lens Malpositioning as a Potential Cause of Vision Loss

Xianfang Rong, Ao Miao, Jifeng Yu, Yu Du, Wenwen He, Yi Lu, and Xiangjia Zhu