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August Issue

Coming in the August 2019 issue of Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights. The online copy will be available in early August.
Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


OVS18157 synopsis image

Visual Deficits and Dysfunctions Associated with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Natalya Merezhinskaya, Rita K. Mallia, DoHwan Park, Daniel W. Bryden, Karan Mathur, and Felix M. Barker, II
OVS18201 synopsis image revised

A Three-year Randomized Clinical Trial of MiSight Lenses for Myopia Control

Paul Chamberlain, Sofia Peixoto-de-Matos, Nicola Logan, Cheryl Ngo, Deborah Jones, and Graeme Young
OVS18071 synopsis image

Effects of Optical Correction Method on the Magnitude and Variability of Accommodative Response: A Test-retest Study

Raimundo Jiménez, Beatriz Redondo, Leon N. Davies, and Jesús Vera
OVS18270 synopsis image

Prevalence of Refractive Error, Presbyopia and Spectacle Coverage in Bogotá: A Rapid Assessment of Refractive Error

Luisa Casas, Kovin Naidoo, Ving Fai Chan, Juan Carlos Silva, Thomas John Naduvilath, Fernando Peña, Myriam Mayorga, and Leonardo Ramírez
OVS17306 synopsis image finalKAZ

Comparison of Three Gaze-position Calibration Techniques in First Purkinje Image Based Eye Trackers

Michael Ntodie, Shrikant R Bharadwaj, Swaathi Balaji, Kathryn J Saunders, and Julie-Anne Little
OVS18188 synopsis image

Custom Optical Coherence Tomography Parameters for Distinguishing Papilledema from Pseudopapilledema

Laura P. Pardon, Han Cheng, Rosa A. Tang, Roberto Saenz, Laura J. Frishman, and Nimesh B. Patel
OVS18300 synopsis image

Increased Word Spacing Improves Performance for Reading Scrolling Text with Central Vision Loss

Hannah Harvey, Stephen J. Anderson, and Robin Walker

OVS18361 synopsis image

Case Report: Transient Dorsal Midbrain Syndrome as the Initial Presentation of Multiple Sclerosis

Kelly A. Malloy, Erin M. Draper, and Ashley Kay Maglione
OVS18338 synopsis image

Case Report: A Rare Variant of Macular Serpiginous Choroiditis

Angeliki Arvanitogiannis