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May Issue

Coming in the May 2019 issue of Optometry & Vision Science

Here are brief highlights. The online copy will be available in early May.
Michael Twa, OD, PhD, FAAO


OVS18261 synopsis image final

Glaucoma Patient Preferences for Video Education on Eye Drop Technique

Scott A. Davis, Delesha M Carpenter, Susan J Blalock, Donald L Budenz, Charles Lee, Kelly W Muir, Alan L Robin, and Betsy Sleath
OVS18125 synopsis image

A Novel Approach to Helping People with Glaucoma Use Their Drops Routinely

John E. McDonald and Jane K. Dickinson
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Bifocal & Atropine in Myopia (BAM) Study: Baseline Data and Methods

Juan Huang, Donald O. Mutti, Lisa A. Jones-Jordan, and Jeffrey J. Walline
OVS18249 synopsis image

The Audibility of Low Vision Devices with Speech Output Used by Older Adults with Dual Sensory Impairment

Lorie St-Amour, Jonathan Jarry, and Walter Wittich
OVS18205 synopsis image

The Impact of Presentation Mode and Technology on Reading Comprehension among Blind and Sighted Individuals

Natalie N. Stepien-Bernabe, Daisy Lei, Amanda McKerracher, and Deborah Orel-Bixler
OVS18259 synopsis image

Are Elderly Patients Optimally Corrected with Spectacles in the Longer Term following Cataract Surgery?

Marianne Råen, Olav Kristianslund, Atle Einar Østern, Gunhild Falleth Sandvik, and Liv Kari Drolsum
OVS18257 synopsis image

Case Report: Varicella-Zoster Encephalitis with Acute Retinal Necrosis and Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

Steven Charles Quan and Dimitra Skondra

OVS18194 synopsis image

Case Report: Optical Coherence Tomography Can Find Typical Features in Pregnancy-induced Hypertension with Retinopathy

Zhenzhen Zhang, Jianmin Lu, and Xiuhong Qin
OVS18156 synopsis image

Case Report: Retinal Toxicity Secondary to Ritonavir

Alyssa Louie and Heather Jones