Social Media Policy

Guidelines for functioning in an electronic world are the same as the values, ethics and confidentiality policies of everyday life.   Staff, volunteers, members and the general public accessing the Academy’s various social media sites (i.e., Facebook, Twitter) must abide by these policies.

All posts must be related to optometry and vision science.  Those posting on the sites must use their real names, and are responsible for the content of the post.  The views expressed are not those of the American Academy of Optometry, however, if a posting is done on behalf of the Academy, the poster must disclose his/her role within the Academy (i.e., chair of a committee).  In addition, if there is a discussion of an industry-related topic and the poster has a role within the Academy, it should be made clear that statements made are solely the opinion of the poster (i.e., “I am an employee or volunteer of the Academy.  However, this is my own opinion, not the opinion of the Academy.”).

Before using a trademark or other copyrighted material on any blog or social media site, one must have express permission of the Academy or the relevant company or organization.

Do not share photographs or other personal information of employees or members of the Academy without express written consent.

Antitrust laws are to be respected.  If in doubt, please consult the Executive Director for advice and for your protection.

Furthermore, those posting on these sites must ensure to only post accurate information, cite sources when appropriate, and refrain from posting commercial product advertisements, confidential information or inappropriate images.  Above all, be respectful of others’ posts and when in doubt, do not post.

All posts are moderated.  The Academy has the right to delete any posts.  Non-compliance with the policy could result in denial of access to the Academy’s social media sites.