The following deadlines must be met for the calendar year you wish to sit for the oral examination:

  • February 1: deadline for submitting first case report for clinical candidates*
  • April 1: deadline for second case report
  • May 15: any remaining case reports needed to satisfy 50 point written requirement due and all other written materials due
  • July 15: deadline for submitting any required corrections/modifications to the submitted work
  • August 15: deadline for notifying the Vice-Chair of Admittance to schedule the oral examination

*If you are only submitting one case report as part of your 50 points of written works, this case report MUST be submitted for the February 1 deadline.*

Please note, in order to submit written works, you must complete the online application and submit dues payment (if applicable). Application processing may take 1-2 business days, so we encourage completing these steps ahead of the February 1 deadline. 

Academy deadlines noted follow the Eastern Time Zone.