The April 1 deadline to submit the second case report has been extended to Thursday, April 15 this year. Please be sure to upload and submit your second case report, if applicable, by this new deadline in order to maintain eligibility for the 2021 oral exam. 

To sit for the oral examination in 2020 and forward: 

  • February 1: deadline for submitting first case report for clinical candidates*
  • April 15 (extended from April 1): deadline for second case report
  • May 15: any remaining case reports needed to satisfy 50 point written requirement due and all other written materials due
  • July 15: deadline for submitting any required corrections/modifications to the submitted work
  • August 15: deadline for notifying the Vice-Chair of Admittance to schedule the oral examination

*If you are only submitting 1 case report as part of your 50 points of written works, this case report MUST be submitted for the February 1 deadline.*