Fellowship Myth #1:
The Academy is only for Academics.

FACT: Only 21% of Academy Fellows are in academia or research! The vast majority of Fellows are in private practice, federal service or hospital settings.

Fellowship Myth #2:
If I become a Fellow I will have to attend every Academy meeting.

FACT: Each new Fellow is required to fulfill the Maintenance of Fellowship requirements by earning 15 points over a 10 year period. While points can be obtained by attending the annual meeting (3 points each) and by attending CE at the meeting (1 point for every 2 hours of CE), there are other ways to earn points including publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

Fellowship Myth #3:
I didn’t do a residency, so I can’t become a Fellow.

FACT: Residency is not a mandatory requirement for becoming a Fellow. While residents do get 20 out of the required 50 points for having done a residency, there are a variety of other ways to obtain points such as case reports (10 points each), paper and poster presentations (1), peer-reviewed publications (10 points each), and leadership (10 points each). There are also alternative options also available for those who are not in clinical practice.

Fellowship Myth #4:
I haven’t published any articles, so I can’t become a Fellow.

FACT: There are a variety of ways to obtain points toward Fellowship, and publications are not a mandatory requirement for becoming a Fellow. Most individuals submit five case reports (10 points each) which do not need to be published in order to qualify for points.

Fellowship Myth #5:
I’m in private practice, so becoming a Fellow doesn’t benefit me.

FACT: Fellowship benefits anyone who takes the time to complete the process, undergo peer review, and learn along the way. Most importantly, Fellowship benefits your patients by ensuring that you’re committed to professional development and the best in patient care. Plus, Fellowship allows you to join and network with a group of like-minded peers through interest groups on a variety of topics.

Fellowship Myth #6:
I don’t see patients, so I can’t become a Fellow.

FACT: There are tracks for scientific candidates and special category candidates (such as administrators or individuals from industry) who wish to become a Fellow.

Fellowship Myth #7:
I have to have all my points accumulated before I can apply to become a Fellow.

FACT: We encourage you to apply before you start completing case reports! That way the Admittance Committee can give you feedback on your work along the way so you understand what they’re looking for. You have three years from the time you apply to complete the process. Please note, Scientific Candidates are required to have 3 published journal articles prior to applying.