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Diplomate Renewal Process

Did you know that Diplomate renewal is consistent across all Academy Sections? Learn more about the Diplomate renewal process

What is Maintenance of Fellowship?

Maintenance of Fellowship (MOF) was approved by the membership as a bylaws amendment at the business meeting in 2009 at Orlando. All new Fellows and those reactivating Fellowship on or after November 2010 must meet the MOF requirements. All other Fellows are encouraged to participate in the MOF program as well.

What are the requirements?

Fellows of the Academy are required to renew their Fellowship status every 10 years starting after the annual Academy meeting in 2010. The program is required for any new or reactivated Fellow admitted in 2010 and subsequent years. The program is voluntary for Fellows admitted prior to 2010. Each Fellow is responsible for acquiring 15 points during a consecutive 10 year period. Points are awarded in the following manner:

i. Attendance at an Academy annual meeting
(Minimum of one meeting required per 10-year period)
3 points*
Note: For those completing virtual oral exams, it is strongly recommended to come to an Academy meeting within two years of earning your Fellowship.
ii. Attendance at any CE-qualifying event at an Academy annual meeting
(No maximum, any education for which hours are granted)
1 point / 2 hrs of CE
iii. Present a one hour lecture or any workshop at an Academy annual meeting 
(No maximum)
2 points / presentation
iv. Present a scientific paper or poster, or serve as a symposium speaker at an Academy annual meeting
1 point / presentation
v. Serve as an Academy volunteer on a committee
(Maximum of 4 points)
1 point / year**
vi. Author an article in an accepted peer-reviewed journal
Must be First, Second or Last author only.
(Maximum of 4 points, must be published during the 10 year MOF period)
Click here for a list of accepted peer-reviewed journals
2 points / article**
vii. Attend Academy Online CE courses. 
(Maximum of 2 points)
1 point / 2 hours
viii. Author a book chapter
(Maximum of 4 points, must be published during the 10 year MOF period)
2 points / chapter**
*Attendance points to be awarded for any full registration and live meeting attendance. In addition to these three attendance points, additional points can be earned by CE course attendance at the meeting or presenting at the Annual Meeting as listed in items ii, iii, iv.
**Maintenance of Fellowship committee will approve the awarding of points for scholarly activity and qualify who is an AAO volunteer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of maintaining my Fellowship?

To ensure the substantial qualifications met at the initial conferring of Fellowship are continued and to further encourage a commitment to lifelong learning and professional excellence.

Can I earn MOF points during the virtual Academy meeting, December 3-5, 2021?

Yes, CE earned during this meeting will count for MOF points, one point per two hours of CE attended. 

Is there another way to obtain MOF points?

Obtaining the Diplomate distinction and Diplomate renewal satisfies the 15 points required for MOF.

How will MOF points be tracked?

Points received from the AAO annual meeting will be automatically transferred into the AAO MOF portal along with your CE certificates.

What about points I received from the 2010 meeting?

The required MOF renewal period for the new Fellows in 2010 began at the end of the conference when they were installed. The CE received during the 2010 meeting does not count towards MOF.

When does my 10 year MOF certification period begin?

It starts after you obtain or reactivate Fellowship in the Academy. The tracking period for all grandfathered Fellows began after the 2010 conference.

What happens if I don't meet the 10 year deadline?

Fellows will be granted a one year probationary period to fulfill the requirements for MOF. There will also be a probationary service fee ($150) for additional administrative costs incurred by late renewal. If the requirements are met in the probationary period, MOF certification for another 10 year period will be granted with the start date from the original renewal date. For example, if the MOF certification period was 2010 - 2020 and probationary renewal was granted in 2021, the next certification period will be 2020 - 2030.

If they do not meet the requirements during the probationary period, the FAAO designation will be rescinded and normal procedures for reinstatement will be followed to regain active status in the Academy. Reinstatement will entail re-completing the Candidate for Fellowship application process to re-obtain the FAAO designation.

Points earned during the probationary period may not be used for the next renewal. 

What happens if I obtain all of my MOF points before the 10 year deadline?

Certification for that 10 year MOF renewal period will be granted once the 15 required points are accrued, but the next certification period will not begin until the following 10 year renewal period. For example, if the renewal period is 2010 - 2020 and certification is earned after 4 years, the next renewal period will begin in 2021. Additional points cannot be carried forward from one renewal period to the next.

Why should I participate if it is not required for me?

It shows a commitment on your part to stay current and active in the Academy structure. Many Fellows will earn the necessary points for MOF just by continuing their annual meeting attendance where they obtain CE course credit. The MOF program provides additional encouragement and recognition for those who support Academy functions and strive for a lifetime of learning.