Diplomate renewal is consistent across all Academy Sections:

  • The next Diplomate Renewal is due December 31, 2025 and then every 5 years thereafter on December 31as a "quinquennial" renewal process.
  • New Diplomates who receive their Diplomate status any year that is between 2 quinquennial (5-year) renewal years (i.e., that is, not on 2015, 2020, 2025, but on a year in between) will not have to renew at the upcoming quinquennial renewal year (which would be < 5 years) but at the subsequent quinquennial renewal year (which will be more than 5 years after obtaining their Diplomate status. This will allow the person some time to get active in the Section, and then after that they will be on the normal 5-year cycle.)
  • A system for Diplomates to document their points for renewal online is currently in development.

Diplomate Renewal Point Requirements

Renewal Period: 5 years
Renewal points required: 25 points

I.    Annual Academy Meeting Activities

  • Attend Annual Meeting (living in North America)     (3 points/year)
  • Attend Annual Meeting from another continent    (5 points/year)
  • Attend Section CE course/papers or posters/symposium    (1 point/hour [max 4 points/year])
  • Teach Academy course/symposium related to Section    (2 points/hour [max 4 points/year])

II.    Section Activities

  • Section Executive Committee    (5 points/year)
  • Section symposium participant    2 points/year)
  • Present Section paper    (2 points/paper)
  • Present Section poster    (1 point/poster)
  • Section session moderator    (1 point/session)

III.    Diplomate Program Activities

  • Diplomate committee chair or sub-chair    (2 points/year)
  • Diplomate committee member    (1 point/year)
  • Write a portion of Diplomate examination    (5 points/year)
  • Review exam with sub-chair    (2 points/year)
  • Proctor Diplomate examination (oral, practical, or written)    (2 points/year)
  • Participate in speakers’ bureau    (2 points/year)
  • Work on position paper    (2 points/year)
  • Review case reports/research papers    (1 point/report or paper [max 3 points/year])
  • Diplomate mentor    (1 point/mentee/year [max 2 points/year])
  • Teach a Diplomate Preparatory course    (2 points/hour [max 4 points/year])
  • Other duties approved by Chair    (variable [max 5 points/year])

IV.    Lecturing Activities

  • Teach Non-Academy CE or CME course related to Section    (1 point/hour [max 2 points/year])
  • Teach course related to Section in accredited institution of higher ed.    (1 point/10 hours [max 2 points/year])

V.    Scholarly Activities

  • Article in peer-reviewed publication on topic related to Section    (3 points/publication)
  • Reviewing peer-reviewed publications on topic related to Section    (1 point/review)
  • Serve on an NIH, NSF, or DoD review panel    (2 points/session)

VI.    Other Activities

  • Serve on Academy Board of Directors    (5 points/year)
  • Attend Non-Academy CE or CME course  related to Section     ( ½ point/½ day [max 2 points/year])

VII.    Core Activities (inclusion of this option is not required for any section)

  • Section defined    (5 pts maximum)