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Please Note: You must first be a member of the Section in which you wish to pursue Diplomate status before being able to move forward in the Diplomate application. If you're not sure if you're a current member of the Section, please email and we can verify and/or add you appropriately.

The Glaucoma Section and its clinical track diplomate program were approved by the American Academy of Optometry Board of Directors in November 2014. The research track diplomate program was subsequently approved in August 2017. Both diplomate program tracks are designed to develop and recognize expertise in the field of glaucoma, with an emphasis on the promotion of evidence-based clinical care in patients with glaucoma-related diagnoses.

Objectives of the Clinical Track Diplomate program include:

  1. To cultivate an atmosphere of mentorship for Fellows interested in providing high-quality clinical glaucoma care;
  2. To provide a constructive and stimulating avenue for professional growth;
  3. To provide a practical program for candidates to enhance their clinical capabilities in glaucoma care;
  4. To enhance the overall level of competency in Optometric delivery of glaucoma care;
  5. To promote evidence-based delivery of care;
  6. To attract both junior and senior clinicians;
  7. To provide a mechanism for developing referral networks in which OD’s can confidently refer glaucoma patients to OD’s in other locales when patients move to new communities;
  8. To promote leadership qualities in candidates;
  9. To distinguish oneself as a leader in the field of glaucoma.  

Objectives of the Research Track Diplomate program include: 

  1. To recognize individuals who contribute significantly to one or more areas of basic, clinical or translational research in glaucoma;
  2. To provide a rewarding experience and a gratifying recognition of the individual's scientific contributions;
  3. To provide a constructive and stimulating avenue for professional growth;
  4. To promote development of research evidence to guide clinical delivery of glaucoma-related care;
  5. To create an avenue for direct communication between researchers and clinicians;
  6. To develop a mechanism whereby researchers can contribute to Section growth and direction.  

There is no pre-requisite to have a research-related degree (such as MS of PhD) or a Doctorate in Optometry to pursue the Glaucoma Section's research track diplomate credential. 

If you have any questions regarding either track of the Diplomate program, please contact the Diplomate Chair: Dr. Michael Sullivan-Mee.