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Please Note: You must first be a member of the Section in which you wish to pursue Diplomate status before being able to move forward in the Diplomate application. If you're not sure if you're a current member of the Section, please email and we can verify and/or add you appropriately.

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The Optometric Education (OE) Diplomate program has been administered by the Optometric Education Section since 2012. We encourage you to pursue this credential if you are a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and your scholarship activities focus in part or in whole on teaching and learning.

The OE Diplomate program provides an opportunity to:

  • Engage in professional development
  • Improve teaching and student learning
  • Experience camaraderie and fellowship
  • Increase publication productivity
  • Obtain recognition for scholarly contributions

Eligibility criteria for applying to the OE Diplomate program are:

  1. Be a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry in good standing
  2. Be a member of the OE Section
  3. Have a record of at least:
    • 5 years of optometric teaching , or
    • 3 years of optometric teaching plus an optometry residency
Once admitted, candidates have five years to complete the OE Diplomate program

Diplomate status is maintained via the same process for all Academy Sections. Diplomate renewal requires the acquisition of 25 points each renewal period. Initial renewal occurs a minimum of five years after achieving diplomate status, with subsequent renewals occurring every five years. Further information on the timing and requirements of this quinquennial renewal process can be found at Diplomate Renewal Process.

Please review the following documents:

  • OE Diplomate Program Guidelines: This document provides information about the diplomate program, the application process, program requirements, and diplomate renewal requirements
  • Education Training Summary: To be completed by applicants whose CV does not specify their training about optometric education